So, the hype has arisen, the rumours are spreading, and candidates have begun to prepare their campaigns in secret with their teams at their back. But it is time to get down to the hard-graft end of the 2013 Executive Elections. Label Online are here to inform you of all the major dates for your diaries to help you follow the progress of our 2013 candidates.

Friday February 8th
The nomination period will close at 6pm, finalising the list of candidates running in the 2013 Exec Elections. From this day, all candidates must have completed their application to campaign for their chosen position.
February 9th – 16th
Amongst the changes implemented by VP Democracy and Communication, Ali Cole includes the compulsory Media Week for all candidates. During this period, candidates will fulfil all media-related responsibilities, with Label, LSUTV and LCR which will be released during the campaigning period. It will also provide the first chance for the candidates to really push their manifesto points through the Media Centre, and will be vital that the candidates use this innovation to its fullest potential.
Sunday February 17th
The Big Reveal! Label and LCR will be providing live coverage of the candidate reveal from Piazza, as soon as they emerge from their first official candidates meeting.Campaigning can then begin, candidates and their support teams will be running riot across campus, flinging posters onto walls and preparing their campaign tactics.
February 18th and 19th
One major change to the campaigning schedule is that of Hustings, this year condensed into a single Union Hustings split over two nights in the Union. Fierce debates and manifesto points will be the focus for the new 'The Bubble Debate' – style Hustings for 2013. Ensure you tune into LSUTV's live coverage of both night of Union Hustings 2013.
Friday February 22nd
Although a less important date to remember, February 22nd is the deadline for withdrawal from the Exec Elections, which could have the potential to bring breaking news should any candidates decide to drop out…
February 25th – 27th
After a busy week of campaigning, the deciding factor for the Elections will open! Voting commences from 7am on the 25th and closes at 6pm just before Hey Ewe at the Union. Make sure you keep an eye on Facebook for the links for voting, especially from the Executive Elections page, Ali Cole's VP Democracy and Communications page, and our new Label Online page.
Wednesday February 27th
It is finally here… The moment of reckoning for our candidates. Live from Hey Ewe, the 2013 Executive will be announced in front of a packed Room 1. As always, there will be free entry to whoever has voted, to see the future of Loughborough Students Union unveiled on stage. LSUTV will continue their live coverage for those who cannot make it to Hey Ewe, so you have no excuse to miss this!

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