Last night, January 23rd, England took on Australia and won. Again. By any British citizens standards, this is a fantastic feat. When I tell you that the sport I’m talking about is Netball, many of you will stop reading.

For those that have not stopped, I’ve stereotyped you as being female, almost certainly involved in the sport. To those of you that do not fit in to this category, I apologise and congratulate you for having an interest in one of the most overlooked sports in the country.

Today, the country’s media will realise that the excitement and development of netball has been somewhat lost in a frenzy of football, football and more football, which dominates the back pages of the daily newspapers.

England Netball tonight proved to the world that they are a force to be reckoned with. Following an incredible win on Saturday (January 19th), 58-53, in the first of the three match test series, England managed to secure a test win with a well fought win of 51-49 against the Aussies. For anyone who follows netball, they will understand the history which has been written. Australia have been at the top of the World ranking tables for a considerable number of years, in the past five years, England have only managed to record two wins in the last 25 years against the Diamonds before tonight.

Netball has been making huge steps in the UK for the past couple of years, as it’s introduced it’s Back to Netball campaign to get more women to get back in to the sport they once loved. Coupled with the advancements of the Superleague, the country’s premier netball league, the sport has gone from strength to strength proving they can compete with the best in the world.

To the British media, take note and start covering women’s sport, after all I don’t see any of our predominantly male sports beating world number ones, do you?!


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