Brown Brogues – "May I Walk With You"

Imagine a band with the sound of a grungier, noisier Sonic Youth, only with a little bit of playfulness: Manchester’s soon to be worst-kept secret two-piece band, Brown Brogues look set to bring their own brand of garage rock back to the forefront of the music scene.

The last statement was slightly inaccurate, they aren’t from Manchester, but nearby Wigan, and their sound couldn’t sound any less like a ‘Manc’ band. Corteeners they are not, but the duo’s own brand of boisterously charged sounds seem to be avalanching their way towards greater adoration.

January 21st marks the release of their first album, Born To Lose. “May I Walk With You?” is their first video release since the albums launch party in Manchester and the video, to say the least, typifies the jovial nature the duo have enshrined themselves in. Keep an eye on the pair this year!


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