It was a long wait, but on November 30th I was finally sat in London’s Wembley arena, just minutes away from seeing my all-time favourite comedian Michael McIntyre live on stage.

Having watched his past shows on DVD and YouTube countless times, expectations were high and as 8pm came ever closer, excitement around the arena grew. As soon as McIntyre skipped his way onto the stage, the laughter did not stop.

McIntyre, in his usual style, stuck to traditional and familiar topics guaranteed to produce laughs with the audience, particularly focusing on events of the past year such as the Olympics and the Jubilee. You have to love the brilliant way in which he manages to describe day-to-day situations with such wit and hilarity, something that he accomplished throughout his live show at Wembley.

His timing was impeccable, and delivery right on point. He even demonstrated his gift in improvisation through multiple impromptu chats with front row ticket holders and a five minute conversation with the Brazilian site cleaner, Carmen, who caught his attention while wondering around the arena with her mop. He ended with a very long but very funny anecdote about a recent dentist trip, again something most of us can familiarise with.

Overall, Michael McIntyre exceeded my high expectations by delivering a performance that had me in stitches from start to finish. Whoever has the opportunity to see him live, I highly recommend it!


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