Hurricane Sandy. Two seemingly small words, for depicting something unimaginable. Further proof to me however, that the mundane is inconceivable in the ol’ Big Apple. This revelation hit me, during my travels there this year, when a casual day included walking past a Smurf in Times Square; and finding our hotel being used as a film set for the day! Indeed New York in its grand entirety resembles the set of something magical, almost feeling like Disneyland for adults.

There is certainly something for everyone, including shopping in the multi-storey ‘M and Ms’ store, which houses an abundance of goodies, including pyjamas and shot glasses, but sadly no onesies! Central Park was also worth the extra blisters; featuring everything from street dancers, caricaturists and baseball matches, to gondola trips and turtles in the river. It is a very recommendable part of the trip, if soaking up the culture and immersing yourself amongst the locals forms part of your holiday checklist.  

If American diners aren’t your cup of tea, then definitely pay a trip to Little Italy. It was quite exciting sitting outside, soaking up the atmosphere, whilst trying to imagine who could fit the bill for the mafia! Lombardi’s pizzeria – the oldest in New York, made it all the more intriguing, as you picture yourself to be a part of the rich history.

By the end of the trip, we rather imagined ourselves to be true New Yorkers; even mastering the complex street numbering, whilst strolling around proudly with our Waldorf umbrella.

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