The iPhone is arguably the most popular smartphone on the planet, and for good reason; no longer can a phone still be considered just a phone. With hundreds of thousands of apps available to users, the iPhone can become much more, be it a gaming device, a source of valuable information and even a photo editor. Here are some of the more useful and enjoyable apps that may not have garnered main stream attention:


A great app for discovering local businesses and restaurants, Yelp provides users with location, reviews and phone numbers. Incredibly useful for discovering new places to dine, as well as supporting the smaller businesses in your area. And best of all, there is a version for free!

Rayman Jungle Run

A new twist on a classic character, players control Rayman as he sprints through various environments, such as jungles and volcanoes. Featuring smooth gameplay, addictive levels and console-quality graphics, this game is a steal at just £1.99.

Infinity Blade II

For the more serious gamer, Infinity Blade 2 features top of the range graphics, a deep combat system and varied enemy design. Players take on the role of a knight questing to avenge his bloodline, achieved by slicing and slashing his way through dozens of different enemy types in intense one-on-one duels.  At £4.99, however, it’s a little bit more expensive than the standard iPhone game…


An essential app for all and one which has been kept under the radar. DropBox is a free and easy way to store and sync your files with both your iPhone and computer. A great addition is its function to download files and view them offline so you can access the things you need wherever you are.


Quick, functional and usefully laid out, this app is a simple yet effective means of using one of the most popular delivery services in the world. Great for finding cheap deals, including textbooks for students, using sites such as Amazon or eBay can be a great means of saving money.

Tesco App

Your interactive supermarket Bible. With the Tesco App, you can order your shopping, read recipes, and best of all it acts as your club card, so if you’ve forgotten your card, you can still get your points. Best of all, it’s free! Every little helps.


This app isn’t useful per se, but can come as a welcome distraction. Catwang offers users the ability to edit their photos by turning their friends into cats, giving them the ability to breathe fire and many other incredibly useless but ultimately fun ways.


The movie goers’ app of choice. IMDB is one of the most popular film websites in the world, and their app is as useful as it is easy to navigate. Have you ever been annoyed by your inability to remembers a film’s name, or who was in what? IMDB can answer your questions. Offering critics’ reviews, user reviews and cinema times, this app is a film fan’s dream.


As a free app, Snapseed has a myriad of options for editing photos, including filters, colours and borders. Similar to the filters featured in Instagram, but much more comprehensive, Snapseed also features useful options for sharing your photos, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook integration.


A must have app for all sports and fitness enthusiasts. MyFitnessPal acts as your interactive exercise and food diary, allowing you to track your calorie intake and set goals for yourself. This app is a great help for anyone wanting to get healthier or lose a little wait, and it’s free!


Spanning a variety of phone types, including Andoid, iPhone and Blackberry, WhatsApp makes communicating with friends easier than ever. WhatsApp also includes free picture messaging, and the ability to send messages via WiFi, meaning that messaging from abroad no longer has to cost an arm and a leg.

Alien Blue

Alien Blue is an app designed specifically for browsing Reddit.  A phenomenally useful website, Reddit is considered to be ‘the front page of the internet’. With hundreds of thousands of dedicated Sub-Reddits, dedicated to anything from climate change to weight loss, pictures of kittens to historical literature and Mozart appreciation, the eclectic mix of data is staggering. You can get the full experience for just £1.49.

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