Loughborough University’s Dr Kirk Shanks, lecturer and academic manager of the London- Loughborough Centre for Doctoral Research in Energy Demand, has been asked to join top UK energy experts at a British Library event, which contemplates urgent challenges and questions about the future of the nation’s energy sustainability.

The event, which takes place on October 23rd, was entitled “Sustainable energy for the 21st century: can we ensure a bright future?” The aim is to give the public an opportunity to question the energy experts about how Britain will proceed in meeting its changing energy requirements. The importance of technology and how technology can be of use when deciding on how much energy is needed for the nation as a whole alongside the concerns of emissions targets is of main concern to the event.

The remainder of the panel is made up by members of Nottingham, Sheffield and Durham Universities, with all members being taken from the Network of Energy Centres for Doctoral Training (NECDT). The goal of the Network is to help the UK achieve the carbon emissions reduction target of 80% from 2000 levels by the end of the century through producing expert energy leaders.

Dr Kirk Shanks has stated that: “In considering the mix of energy sources, we’ll be exploring the wide range of factors that affect how much energy we need and the role energy end use technology plays in shaping and delivering this in efficient ways. We’ll address the ever present question of can technology affect our energy demand?”

Phil Taylor, DONG energy professor of renewable energy from Durham University’s Durham Energy Institute added that: “We’ll be considering what mix of energy technologies might allow us to meet society’s huge demands for power while being mindful of emissions targets.” 


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