Updating you live from the opening day of the London 2012 Olympics games. All day everyday, Label Online will be keeping you up to date with the latest results, medals, Team GB progress and news on our Loughborough hopefuls.

Here it is, the final day of the 2012 Olympics in London… as all events come to a close, Label Online will keep you up to date on the latest medal tables and Team GBs final position. Bound to be a big day, with the men's basketball final and marathon the highlights. The final 15 gold medals of the games are some of the most exciting, including the men's basketball, marathon, cross country cycling and boxing! Thank-you for following us!

If you have Twitter, use the hashtag #labelolympics2012 to see your tweet on Label Online and get your opinions and reactions heard! Have the Olympics been a success in your eyes?


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