Graduation is your last chance to impress in the style stakes before saying goodbye to student life. However, with everyone from your grandparents to your next door neighbour likely to be ogling the photos after the big day, it is important that what goes under your gown is a hit with all.


When searching for a graduation dress there is plenty to consider. These simple tips will help you to avoid a fashion faux-pas whilst ensuring you go out with a bang.





1. Comfort is Key

You’re going to be spending a whole day in whatever you choose to wear, so make sure it’s comfortable. Go for soft fabrics that won’t be itchy or irritating against your skin and choose a cut which optimises your figure without preventing you from breathing.

You can’t go wrong with a classic A-line or simple shift to keep your look classy and comfortable. Perhaps try to avoid a body-con or anything which requires a waist-belt, as these will look as uncomfortable as they feel.

2. Avoid a colour clash 

It is important to consider the colour of your graduation gown. This way you can try to avoid a colour clash between the gown and your dress. At Loughborough, the colour of the hood of your gown differs depending upon whether you are receiving a BA or a BSc, for example.

For a full list of gowns, with photographs, see the university guidelines on academic dress.

3. Stay classy

Keeping the neckline low enough to please your boyfriend but high enough to avoid giving the audience an eyeful can be a tricky balance to strike, so take this into account when you hit the high street.

Try to avoid any loud patterns or excessively bold prints, that will detract from the simplicity and classiness of the occasion. Go for block colours, as they are not only safe but on-trend too. It is possible to combine high class with high fashion: you are dressing for your graduation, not for FND, after all.

4. Keep it low 

Tripping up the stairs in sky high heels on your way to collect your degree is probably not the lasting memory you want your fellow graduates to have of you.

Flats or low heels are the safest, and most comfortable option. But if you really need those extra few inches, wedge platforms may be the way to go. They offer a much sturdier base to stand on and, even better, they were all over the SS12 catwalks: Burberry and Christian Louboutin both showcased smart collections including wedge platforms. 

5. Check the forecast

It goes without saying that the British summertime usually bares a much closer resemblance to the Indian monsoon season. Make sure you check the weather forecast and dress accordingly; particularly with regards to your shoes, hair and makeup, as these are usually the most precarious aspects of any outfit.

If it’s going to rain, a chic up-do will be practical and look classy. Waterproof mascara will prevent panda eyes, and avoid wearing those expensive suede heels.


Most importantly though, enjoy your day. Despite wanting to look your best, the day is a celebration of your achievements and time at Loughborough. Plan your outfit ahead to avoid stress on the day, and whatever you wear, be proud to be graduating from Loughborough.


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