As part of the inter-hall competition, each set of Media Reps were set the challenge of writing an article for Label. For the next three weeks on a Friday, Label Online will be publishing the best of these pieces, with the winner being published in Issue 12 of the magazine on May 11. This article was submitted by Towers and came third.

Many a Loughborough student has stared into the misty heights of Towers and declared it an eyesore. Well, I have lived on the seventeenth floor for the past year and a half, and the only ‘eyesore’ I have come across is when ‘I saw’ the rugby, fireworks and all sorts of goings on below me, all from my comfy bed on East 17B!

Life up in the clouds is unlike any other experience at Loughborough University: Peering over the Leicestershire skyline to see the lights of Derby and Nottingham in the ever-present distance, along with the constant reminder of simply how much goes on around campus day in, day out, all from a glance out of my window. Whether it be sport, special events or even the occasional ‘walk of shame’ if you’re sharp-eyed in the morning, you can see it all from atop the Tower.

If you’re ever lost around campus, look up and Towers will be there. When you’re looking for a shining light to guide you home, look up and Towers will be there. Towers is, whether those from other halls will admit it, the beacon we all look to as we arrive in ‘The Bubble’, and the last thing we see before we leave. Standing tall, standing proud.

The average hall block in Loughborough has between 30 and 60 people. Towers… 310 under one roof! Unity is a word that reverberates through the never-ending stairwells, and has been echoed by our crowning as Hall of the Year in 2011. There is seemingly an essence of pride within all that state ‘I live in Towers’, proven in my opinion by the committee challenges: By far the toughest on campus and yet still taken on by many a Towerite, high on hall spirit.

And, although daunting living perilously perched over the East Park side of campus, the occasional awkward lift rides become second nature and make you feel like you’ve been living here for years and years. There is simply no better feeling than being able to stroll around naked without being spotted, gazing across the university, without a care in the world…

Life in the clouds… about as close as you can get to heaven at Loughborough University…


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