Being creative – is it associated with the person you are, or who you become?

Can it be defined by the experiences you have, the friends you make along the way or does it come from the bones of your being? Perhaps it depends on your structure, your very skeleton, depending on how life has formed you?

Having had almost a month off university, I’ve had the chance to do a lot of reflecting as of late. In usual New Year’s style (I know I may be a little late but that’s merely a small detail) a list of resolutions quickly materialised in front of me.

Now, these simple resolutions are beginning to loom over me. We all think we can change for the better, but its always easier said than done. Life’s typically hectic nature soon takes over and the yearly lists begin gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe somewhere.

But what if we took hold of these lists and focused entirely on completing each task, ticking them off with as much enthusiasm as when it was initially written? Would we or could we take control of how life forms us? Could the tables be turned, and could we take hold of life’s slippery substance?

Being creative can involve an “exploratory mind” as described by a dictionary definition so being creative could simply be about exploring ones own mind and subsequently producing something new and/or different.

By exploring our minds and reflecting a little, can we create a different life for ourselves, one that can fulfill our lives to the maximum? It’s important of course to consider our individual maximum, ensure we set our own parameters and “make a list”.

Sometimes writing this list can be pretty easy but if not perhaps embrace a second way to stay creative and carry a notebook around for a week. Simply jot down things you’d change if you could and see what manifests more frequently than others.

Importantly though, remember that you don’t want a list that’s just “beating yourself up”, it’s about “counting your blessings” and “stop trying to be somebody else’s perfect” – or at least that’s what my list is.


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