Anti-capitalist demonstrations have been cut short as bailiffs removed protestor barricades outside St Paul's Cathedral. The mostly peaceful operation which took place just after midnight on Monday involved the eviction of economic inequality protestors, Occupy London and the dismantling of the self-made camp.

Twenty arrests were made during the break-down of the site, which has been set up since last October.

Supporter of the protests, Reverend Giles Fraser, resigned as canon chancellor of St Paul's in a mark of his gratitude of the movement. He said; "Riot police clearing the steps of St Paul's Cathedral was a terrible sight."

It has since emerged that Occupy London, who campaign against corporate greed, have threatened plans for a future protest; claiming a potentially larger scale demonstration.

“Be assured that plans are already afoot: plans of some ambition, employing a diversity of tactics and delivered with the aplomb you would expect from us,” a statement from Occupy London said.

Occupy London is a branch of the worldwide Occupy movement and is geared towards uniting both workers and unemployed individuals with shared views on aspects such as the lack of affordable housing in the United Kingdom and social injustice.

The lawful eviction took place over several hours as a 60-strong group stood firm; forcing the Corporation to take it’s affirmed “regrettable” action.

A handful resisted their efforts and took to using wooden pallets to build makeshift barriers.
A number of different items were seized during the raids, including office swivel chairs, supermarket shopping trolleys and fire extinguishers.

Many residents and commuters of London had their daily routines disrupted. One local resident labelled the movement “an absolute nightmare.”

A statement from the Corporation read, “We regret that it has come to this but the High Court judgment speaks for itself and the Court of Appeal has confirmed that judgment. We would ask protesters to move on peaceably”.

However many protesters have maintained that, “We're getting evicted but it's not the end – not by a long shot.”


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