What affect did yesterday’s Candidates’ Quiz have on the running to be on the next Executive? If I’m honest, not a lot. Nobody made any huge errors and nobody shone through to such a degree that they will have a won a bit batch of votes.

The strongest performer, for me, was Ali Cole; the sole candidate for VP: Dem & Comms. A BNOC who also seems to have an excellent understanding of democracy and the processes of Loughborough Students’ Union, he will be an excellent Executive member next year if he isn’t taken down by the dreaded ‘R.O.N.’. 

Cole did receive a question regarding sweets in the EHB last night from Rag candidate, Max Turner. Cole said he would support the retention of sweets in future Executive Elections, saying that they have become part of the Loughborough culture. This was a debate had at Union Council a few weeks ago, but the chamber supported the argument Cole repeated in the first elections hustings.

The other side of the fence includes the likes of Turner and Jack Heskett, who have commented to Label about the sheer cost of running a campaign that contains sweets. Does it put off potential candidates? If you have any views on the topic, I would love to hear them.

Elsewhere, my belief that Media could be the closest of all the contests continues to hold strong. Some commented on Natasha 'Captain' Cox's lengthy answers, suggesting she may have lost members of the audience, while one member of the 'SuperFran' campaign team told Label that Scambler could have done better in distinguishing herself from her fellow candidate. If any battle is definitely still to play for, it's that one.

Today, Label have conducted a series of straw polls all over campus. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish the results for fear of encroaching on free and fair democratic practices. All I can say, they make for some very interesting reading. 


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