Both AU President candidates reflected on a tough candidates quiz but believed their strong manifestos could see them through to a positive result on March 7.

Lewis ‘Pimms’ Timms describe the quiz as “nervewracking” before admitting that he “made a few mistakes, I didn’t mean to disrespect any clubs but unfortunately when you’re under pressure you say things that you don’t really mean”.

Meanwhile Nicola ‘Baywatch’ Keenan was quick to praise the excellent turn out at the EHB, “yeah absolutely amazing crowd were really supportive. I really enjoyed being challenged by the questions from the floor, absolutely amazing.”

So did nerves get the better of Timms?

“I was more nervous for this because you don’t know what the questions are going to be. With the main formal hustings you kind of put your ideas across rather than the random questions that you get here where you don’t really know what you’re going to experience it could be so broad it’s unreal, you got to think on your feet.”

Former Chair of AU club Lifesaving, Keenan described what she thought was important during the candidates quiz, “…with this hustings it’s more about how you come across, how your personality is, it’s all about scoring personality points and I think me and Lewis have done pretty well.”

As the first week of campaigning draws to a close, both AU candidates were able to reflect on how they thought their manifesto had been received by the voters.

Keenan told LCR; “…I’ve been door knocking loads and the same problems that I have highlighted in my manifesto which I want to improve keep going up and up and up.  Talking to so many people, sharing their experience, has been absolutely fantastic.”

Timms was also confident that, after nearly a third of the campaigning, things were going well;

“It’s going really well, most of the people I’ve spoken to so far love the fact that I want to publicise IMS a lot more and obviously concentrate on the AU as well getting a unified sporting acumen together. […] I spoke to lads in Royce today love the fact that I want to publicise events such as the IMS Championship that they won as a rugby team last year because bringing up events like that gets people behind the teams and increases supporters.”

Lewis ‘Pimms’ Timms and Nicola ‘Baywatch’ Keenen are battling to take over from Adam Rae and become the AU President in 2012/13.


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