‘Roary’ Mitchell has ruled out resting on his laurels despite being uncontested and having a positive first week of campaigning telling Label, “I’m not taking that risk”.

Mitchell told Label in the FND queue, “For such an important position as well, I think it’s important that people know my views so that next year they can hold me to account. So if I don’t get more cash machines and cashless [system]; like they did to Tricky [Richard Smith VP Finance 10/11] with straightners, they’ll ask, ‘where’s our cashless transactions?’”

It’s been a busy week since the media weekend just seven days ago and the Candidates Reveal on Monday. However, ‘Roary’ has no complaints despite the early starts, “it’s literally so much fun; there hasn’t been any bad points at all […] worst thing ever getting out of bed, that’s been hard. But once I’m out there people are so positive.”

As a candidate himself, Mitchell is as well placed as anyone to provide an insight on the potential make up of next year’s Executive.  With regards to the Executive of 2012/13, he told Label;

“I think it’s going to be really good […] we’ve got more of a mix of people from different backgrounds rather than a lot of hall chairs. […] this year’s a different mix and I think that’s going to benefit things enormously. They did a great job last year and this year but I think it’ll provide a different angle.”

Rory Mitchell is running uncontested for the position of VP Finance and Communications. 


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