Action Chair candidate Billy ‘Wonka’ Marsh reflected on a “really great experience” following his EHB hustings performance with Rag Chair candidate Max ‘Timelord’ Turner on Thursday evening.

Marsh told LCR, “it’s totally what I was expecting; it’s all a bit of light heartedness, it’s all a bit of fun and that’s really what I’m into. It’s good to see people’s reaction and I’d like to point out I wouldn’t like to kill a baby.”

The Action Chair candidate clarified his answer to a question which asked whether he would rather lose 3,000 volunteers or let a baby die, to which he answered with the baby . Marsh tweeted later the same evening, “I am not anti-babies; I’m just pro-volunteers.”

Turner reflected on the evening by saying;

“I like being put on the spot, […] I’m passionate about Rag and this whole two week period has given me an excuse to talk to complete strangers about the section that I love. I’ve loved EHB hustings and I cannot wait for union or media hustings.”

The ex-Harry French hall chair, also made clear a statement he made during the hustings after accepting the challenge to wear a gillet for 24 hours, “I’m quite warm, I’d like to point out I don’t judge others for wearing gillets I just wouldn’t wear one myself.”

Turner was also eager to emphasis his college credentials in relation to his manifesto point about improving the way Rag is marketed;

“…the staff there were talking to me about the fundraising potential that there is in the college I’d definitely like to go and speak to them and tell them about the opportunities. […] It’s not an easy thing to do, they haven’t got as much free time as some of the students do and obviously there’s a communications gap but it’s all part of the marketing if we can reach out to the college.”

Finally, Marsh stressed the college as one of his main priorities;

“The college is one of my main priorities. I know everybody says that, year on year, but I genuinely do, it’s the main manifesto point of mine, involvement. We are a Students’ Union comprising not just of Loughborough University, and people don’t often see that so I will be making a huge point of the college.”

Billy Marsh and Max Turner are both uncontested for Action Chair and Rag Chair respectively.


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