The Executive Elections are finally upon us! May I take a moment to welcome you to my daily elections editorial, which will be published here on Label Online and at Alongside the comprehensive coverage from our Label journalists, I hope to bring you some extra insight and analysis over the next two and a half weeks on what's really happening all over campus.

With nominations set to close in three hours time, what better way to launch my new blog than to provide you with a full list of the candidates running for each of the ten executive positions up for grabs?


Oh, wait. No, I'm not allowed to do that unfortunately. You will have to wait for Pete Childs' announcement on Monday at 8pm, live in Room One and broadcast exclusively on Loughborough Campus Radio.


What I can tell you is that there are some very interesting match ups. Not one contest went past the first round of voting last year. I'd be very surprised if one or two were that clear cut this time around. 


If you have any news at anytime during the elections period, please send me an email or pop over a tweet


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