The Athletic Union has made the decision to stop providing food after Wednesday afternoon sport fixtures for home and away teams. AU President, Adam Rae, alongside AU/SDC staff has made the decision which came into effect before Christmas.

The main reason behind the decision is the cost; the AU spends approximately £8000, money which can now be invested into other areas of the Athletic Union.

Rae told Label, “It wasn’t working for Jom Makan either at the moment and so it was best for both parties to end the agreement however we are looking at our options and in particular putting on  special offers for AU members on a Wednesday so that home players can benefit as well in the future.”

The decision brings Wednesday afternoon catering arrangements in line with the majority of other universities whereby there is no complimentary food for home or visiting teams; however there are outlets on campus where food can be purchased.

It is possible that, as a result of the decision, AU clubs will look elsewhere for sponsorship opportunities and post-match meals away from campus however the AU stated that they would not book transport to go on to potential establishments after fixtures.

The AU President refused to rule out the deal returning in the future. 



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