The Hall Students’ Federation President, Harry Wood, has confirmed to Label that he will not be contesting the 2012 Executive Elections.

With rumours circulating that he was a shoe-in candidate for Union President, Wood has chosen to pursue a Masters degree instead of a year on the Executive Committee. He is the first such HSF President in recent years to not follow it up with a term as an Exec member.

The International Relations Finalist told Label:

“Making the decision not to run for this years Executive Elections was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. After being involved as much as I have over the last two years I am very sad to be leaving.”

Former HSF Presidents, Lucy Hopkins, Richard Smith and Lucy Padolsey have all gone on to assume prominent roles on the Executive, but the current Head of the Committee that comprises Hall Chairs will not follow in their footsteps.

“I’m sure I will be kicking myself when Elections euphoria settles in, but an opportunity to do a Masters has come up, an opportunity like that is just too big to miss.

“I’m concentrating on the reason I came here in the first place which is my degree.”

The news that Wood will not be running may well encourage others to stake a candidacy and comes just one day after Vice President, Pete Childs, rejected any claims that only well-known individuals on campus have a chance of being successful in an election campaign.

Wood, who has also been Royce Hall Chair, echoed those sentiments by stating:

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before, its what you do in those two weeks that count.”

“I wish all the candidates the very best of luck in the LSU elections. My one piece of advice would be that even if there is the tiniest voice in the back of your head wondering whether you can run, just do it!”


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