They are talking about an apocalypse that will affect the entire world, a great spiritual awakening if you like. Earthquakes, wars and recessions; where is it all heading?

From the authors of the Bible to Native Americans, many oracles predict a looming doomsday in our time, centered on the year 2012. Is it coincidence or prophecy?

Apocalyptic predictions have repeatedly appeared throughout history and even though all of them were wrong millions of people do believe that 2012 is the real deal.

The predictions are linked to the end of one of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice this year. The Mayans were an advance civilization who lived around 250-900 AD. There was even a disaster film about it a couple of years ago, entitled ‘2012’. But should we really believe something that was said all those thousands of years ago?

December 21 is thought to be the end of world as we know it, but our planet has existed for over 4 billion years now and NASA reassures us that “there is no threat to earth”.Nibiru or Planet X isn’t going to smash into ours, oceans aren’t going to bury whole countries underneath them anytime soon and UFO’s aren’t going to transport aliens which take over our planet.

History is littered with numerous examples of end of the world predictions, which ultimately turned out to be false, for example the Heaven’s Gate prophecy of 1997 and the Y2K Bug at the start of the millennium. But then, what is all the media hype about? If it were complete and utter nonsense then surely mass hysteria would be prevented? And surely the public have learned not to believe everything they are told? You would have thought so…

However, there is something that sounds reasonable; December 21 is not a doomsday but a turning point in human consciousness. The perception of time is accelerating and more often than not people are staggered by the complexity of modern life.

I personally believe, that something does have to change because when I look at all the problems and the chaos which is currently present in the world, I ask myself ‘How can we possibly fix all this?’Human beings need to experience a major spiritual awakening. This however, is not possible when there are still so many greedy, heartless and narrow minded people behaving the way they do. Accepting change can be difficult or even painful but as a new chapter in the evolution of mankind evolves we must mould out of the slumber of limited awareness and enter the expanded existence as a new soul.


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