The word ‘blazer’ is more commonly connected to men’s fashion, but as time goes on – women have been embracing the jackets, power shoulders included. Typically used as a general reference to describe a suit-type jacket, the blazer is becoming increasingly versatile and is now available in a variety of materials, colours and fits to suit everyone’s needs. 

The history of the blazer dates back to 1837 when the Commander of the ship HMS Blazer received a notice that the Queen Victoria was on her way to inspect the ship. Wanting to impress the Queen, he decided that the current uniform was unsightly and unsuitable. He designed a short, double-breasted jacket with Brass Royal Navy buttons that he named after the ship.

Whilst some argue that the original jacket was a dark navy blue in colour, others believe that the jackets had a navy and white striping pattern. This traditional colour remains popular and classy and gives a timeless look.

The possibilities of matching the blazer with other clothing items and accessories allows for endless combinations, from professional business to an elegant-casual look to just adding a smarter touch.

When looking for the perfect wardrobe piece, consider fabrics and the fit. For a more casual look, the Corduroy blazer is a perfect choice. However, for something more elegant velvet is the best option and fine wool provides a look that is timeless.

For a more trendy, sportier look, choose a blazer that is more tailored; For a more relaxed look opt for one slightly baggier and pair over a t-shirt and jeans or for the girls, over a party dress and killer heels for an alternative look.

This season, androgyny is key. Think sharp lines, clean shapes, luxury velvets and leathers in navy, berry colours and classic black, over buttoned up shirts and tailored trousers.


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