The second Union Council of the year took place on Friday at 7.30pm Council Chambers. Label provided full and comprehensive live commentary.

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22:05 – That's us done for tonight, thanks for reading and for your inputs on Twitter. If you want to share your thoughts on tonight's events, the contact details are above and there will be a full report in the next issue of Label Magazine which will be available on Friday 8 November. The next Union Council meeting will be November 24.

22:00 – And we have our final results of the evening, and it's the big one. The students who will be on the Board of Trustees, the Union's highest body, are David Haines, James Goldburn, Dave Tingle, Michael Ita and Zoe Lloyd.

21:45 – Jayde still answering questions; the rate my lecturer idea and using the Freedom of Information Act are last resorts. Finishing, she says, the union has a great relationship with the university and we don't want to jeopardise that.

21:40 – We currently don't find out if lecturers score badly Jayde confirms, she argues for greater transparency and says that the trade unions are the ones holding this back. 

21:35 – Final set of Exec reports for the night and means more questions for Jayde on module feedback. She wants to get reports combined from all the feedback forms that are sent to department heads. The annual programme review gets some information but all of it.

21:30 – So just to confirm the results for university committees we have so far:
Senate: James Carroll, Rebecca Bridger
Learning/Teaching: James Carroll, Jayde Savage
Student Experience: Rebecca Bridger, Jayde Savage, David Haines.

21:18 – Council are now vacating to the Executive Office for electronic voting as there are so many candidates.

21:15 – Jack Heskett on Twitter:  "At Union Council, currently listening to the Board of Trustees candidates. Good luck to everyone, there are so many candidates!"

21:12 – Quite a bit to go through still at Council. Looks like it will continue beyond the 21:30 stated finish time and unfortunately, Label will be unable to provide live coverage beyond that point. Hoping to be able to announce results to previous elections before then!

21:10 – The fact the BoT manifestos can't be read on a Mac is definitely a problem. Something to address for the future no doubt. And not just for amateur bookmakers, James!

James Spokoini on Twitter: "@labelonline How exactly is an amateur bookie supposed to construct a profitable book on the market without the manifestos! #HmmmVeryTempted"

21:07 – Hampson tweets:  "@labelonline Vote Sam Hampson."

Not sure all councillors are looking at Twitter, Sam! Or maybe they are…?

21:04 – Council cracks up with laughter following Hampson's video submission. A serious speech in a suit is ended by him standing up to reveal the fact he isn't wearing any trousers!

21:01 – Assistant Head of Media, James Goldburn and Council Vice-Chair, Rory Mitchell are now making the final speeches.

20:56 – 11 of the 12 candidates are making speeches to the floor. Sam Hampson is unable to attend so will address Council via recorded video.

20:49 – Each candidate has two minutes to make a speech. A range of candidates as you will see from their manifestos. Only four can be elected.

20:42 – James Spokoini on Twitter: "@labelonline @lawtonaj unfortunately a 2nd straight fall in the number of candidates!! Still, not a bad number! Good luck to all candidates!"

There were more candidates for BoT last year and the year before.

20:40 – If you are on a PC, you will be able to read the BoT manifestos here.

20:38 – Board of Trustees up now. Twelve candidates, all of which can be found below. (20:16)

20:37 – Learning and Teaching Committee has three candidates. Carroll, Savage and Tim Price. The latter is the Post-Grad DO on the Executive, but he is absent and doesn't have a manifesto. Voting to commence via paper ballot now.

20:35 – Lots of comments on Twitter! Join the debate @labelonline.

20:33 – Incredibly interesting ballot this one. Will one of the Exec be defeated? Results when we know them in the chamber!

20:30 – Carroll says its getting the balance between getting the grades and doing vital extra-curricular activities. Savage reiterates the feedback and transparency once again. Remember, it was Label that brought that into the public domain on Monday! What do you think? Ways to contact us are listed above.

20:28 – Question from the floor. What is the biggest problem for students when it comes to their education, apart from fees? Bridger brings up feedback, the week's hot topic and says courses need to be more transparent.

20:25 – Senate now up. Extremely important body. Bridger, Savage and Council Chair, James Carroll going for just two spots.

20:24 – Ally Mcdonald on Twitter: "@labelonline loves watching union council through twitter feed! #lovesmoderntech"

20:21 – Voting by paper ballot for this one. Expect another delay for the results.

20:18 – Speeches made by each of the student experience committee. Voting shortly after a question by Jack Heskett. He asks for examples when the candidates have had to be professional, a key skill for this committee he says.

20:16 – Board of Trustees candidates for later courtesy of Andrew Lawton on Twitter:  Tingle,Hampson,Lincoln Chan,Lloyd,Goldy,Reinis Pauls,Ali Shahid,CJ Marlas,Michael Ita,Rory Mitchell,Ben Myatt,David Haines.

20:14 – Rattling through these votes now. Student experience committee next. Four candidates for three positions. Bridger, Savage, Haines and Action Chair, David Cox. Intriguing vote!

20:12 – Alumni board up now. Bridger and Tingle the candidates for two positions. Both elected, no opposition.

20:11 – Jayde Savage and Dave Tingle elected to Careers committee. No opposition.

20:10 – Rebecca Bridger and Lucy Padolsey elected to University Council. No opposition.

20:09 – Results of Governance Committee election. David Haines, Zoe Lloyd and Ali Cole elected. James Goldburn unsuccessful. University sub-committees up next.

20:08 – Former Board of Trustee, James Spokoini has asked for a list of those running to replace him. If you are using a PC, you will find a pdf link below. I will publish a list for Mac users shortly.

20:07 – Sam Hampson on Twitter:  "On my way to London with @LSRag, gutted I can't be at UC but keeping up to date with @labelonline"

20:05 – Tied motion to take it to a block vote. Adam Rae proposes all candidates must do their best badger impression. The Chair's casting vote takes it to a block vote. All elected without opposition. List of successful candidates later.

20:03 – A lot of candidates now for disciplines committee. Twenty positions available and most will be filled. Each union discipline that's handed out must go to this committee, comprised of five randomly drawn members.

20:00 – Elections committee up now, but only one candidate for four positions. CJ Marlas elected without opposition.

19:57 – Zoe Lloyd, James Goldburn and David Haines all elected without opposition and as a block.

19:56 – Now time for procedures committee. Very important body come election time.

19:54 – Finance and Trading Committee up next. Six candidates for six positions and so they will be elected as a block. Procedural motion to take it to a vote without speeches, majority in favour. Names of the successful candidates to be announced later in the evening. Cayley Hall Chair, Tom Allright, and Towers Hall Chair, Ali Cole amongst them. Zoe Lloyd and David Haines included as well.

19:50 – Results will be announced after the interval.

19:48 – Voting will now be carried out via a paper ballot. Alternative Vote system (preference based).

19:45 – Lots of the candidates pledging to reform the constitution, cited as having various holes during last year's Executive Elections.

19:41 – Governance committee up first. Candidates are James Goldburn, Zoe Lloyd, David Haines and Ali Cole. Only three can be voted on so they will now all make one minute speeches.

19:39 – The Chair proposes a rearrange to the agenda. All elections moved to the beginning. Passed.

19:35 – Andrew Lawton on Twitter comments: "@labelonline a few familiar names going for Board of Trustees. Aren't some already councillors or exec? Can they do both?" 

There is an interesting motion tonight entitled 'Officer of the Union Policy'. It makes for some very interesting reading and would limit students going for multiple roles in the future. Have a read of it here.

19:32 – Little late getting underway in the chamber, but its filling up quickly.

19:25 – Interested in seeing who's running for Board of Trustees or the University Sub Committees? Click for the list and their manifestos.

19:20 – Of course, tonight is the first meeting where all the new councillors will be in attendance. For a full list of those that were elected, turn to Page Nine of Label Magazine, Issue Four.

19:14 – Another particular point of interest will be module feedback. Label sources suggest that this is due to be brought up tonight, most probably as questions from the floor to either the Union President or Jayde Savage, Vice President for Education. Monday's Label exclusive was picked up by BBC East Midlands news last night. Watch this space.

19:04 – At the bottom of this page, you will find tonight's agenda. We have various elections being conducted this evening as you will see, ranging from Union Council and University committees to Board of Trustees, the highest body in the Union.

19:00 – Hello and welcome to the second Union Council of the year. If you missed it, you can review what happened at the meeting on October 17 by turning to Page Eight of Label Magazine, Issue Three.


Agenda November 10, 2011

100 Order of Council

  1. 101  Apologies for absence

  2. 102  Minutes of the last meeting

  3. 103  Matters arising from the last meeting

  4. 104  Chairs Comments – Rules for Council

200 Constitutional Motions

201 Board of Trustees 2nd Reading

400 Policy Motions

  1. 401  Officers of the Union Policy

  2. 402  Corporate Image Policy

  3. 403  Minimum Web Standards Policy

  4. 404  Life Membership Policy

600 Other Motions


700 Union Council Sub Committees

701 Union Council Sub-Committee Election

750 University Sub Committees

751 University Committee Elections

800 Other Elections

801 Board of Trustee Election

900 Any Other Business

999 Date of Next Meeting

000 Formal Starred Items



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