Imago Services have been under a lot of pressure in the last few of weeks, much of it highlighted exclusively on this website with regard to the Student Accommodation Chaos.

We brought serious deficiences into the Loughborugh public domain, but as with everything, it is important to provide balance.

While undertaking our research, Label received several complaints about the service that Imago provides. We felt, in the student interest, that those complaints were worth reporting on; part of maintaining and developing the phenomenal 'Loughborough Experience' must be a culture whereby students can debate, criticise and complain about various things that the University, Union or whatever other body, don't get quite right.

Despite this, it must also be our aim to report objectively, factually and for the good of everyone concerned. The Student Accommodation Chaos report did just that.

Since then, no students had to be catered for by the Town Students' Federation, as was first feared. All have found lodgings for the year. Label hasn't received one negative comment since the start of term. And it seems Imago Services have responded extremely well to the challenging circumstances. Hats off.


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