Chris Carter is a 2nd Year Politics Student and Labour Councillor for Loughborough Ashby. His new regular column for Label Magazine will be republished Online once a fortnight.






We live in an age where the rich and the political nerds of this country run the show. We have a Prime Minister who was educated at Eton who then went to Oxford to study Philosophy Politics and Economics and then went on to become a special adviser for the Conservative Party.

What’s worse is the Leader of the opposition also went to Oxford, studied PPE and also became a special advisor! And don’t even mention the Deputy Prime Minister…

The worrying thing is these are just a small example of a tiny elite who rule this country, who may be good politicians, but not necessarily well-rounded representative members of society. Which ironically, as elected MP’s, is their role and duty to their electors.

That’s not to say these kinds of politicians are wrong to stand up for what they believe in, the issue is they appear distant and disconnected from the general public, and has a negative effect on democratic participation in Britain.

Perhaps the way forward to reduce this kind of problem is to introduce American style primaries to ensure those who are registered voters with their political party of choice have a say in selecting their local representative.

Then we as a country will feel closer to our representatives and leaders of our community to stand up for the people who we choose to stand up for our beliefs and aspirations and improve our faith in the election process in Britain.


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