The Freshers 2011 Line Up was finally revealed, live on LSUTV at 6 o'clock on September 1. Label Online provided live text updates below so if you missed any of the broadcast all the information should be below.

Label will be providing a full report shortly. In the meantime, you can continue to get involved by using twitter: tweet  @labelonline or use the hashtag #Lufbrafreshers to share your thoughts.


Freshers Line Up 2011 Reveal: As It Happened

19:28 All that's left is for me to say thanks for your company throughout this evening and for all your tweets. Keep checking back to Label online for all the latest news and sport from campus and nationwide as well as all the latest music reviews and style advice. Good night!

19:17 And it's not all about the music either, don't forget Tony Lee, X-Rated Hypnotist will also be visiting Loughborough before Christmas and they'll be a UV Paint Glow Party and Foam Party in the first term as well.

Simran92 Simran Purewal tweets, "excited for #lufbrafreshers!!"

19:14 Plenty of reaction still coming through on Twitter, it seems some people are more impressed than others. There's certainly a good mix of music which has got to be a good thing. 

mcw15 Matthew Williams tweets, "Wheatus, Gym Class Hero's and Dynamo, gutted there isnt a few more proper bands!! #lufbrafreshers"

19:11 To re-cap, the headliners to the Freshers Ball will be Gym Class Heroes. Also on the line up are; Nero, DJ Fresh, Yasmin, Loick Essien, Wheatus, Scott Mills and Dynamo. I'm not entirely sure of the dates for all those acts but they'll be during the Freshers fortnight.

OfficialFuzzy Paul Felton tweets, "Well won't be going freshers ball!! Epic failure. Disappointed. #lufbrafreshers"

19:05 Donnella Wood (19:03) is clearly very happy with the line up. LSUTV believe 3000 people were watching that live broadcast, think we might need Ofcom to double check that one.

shersi1 Suhur hersi, “@labelonline: Freshers Ball Headline Act 2011: #lufbrafreshers is……. GYM CLASS HEROES” OMG! Can't wait!!! Execs pulled it out the bag!" 

19:03 Tweets!

LufbraRagChair Sarah Musgrave: Dj Fresh, Wheatus, Nero and GYM CLASS HEROES for #lufbrafreshers and 3000 watchers of the live reveal – amazing!!!!

DonnellaWood Donnella Wood: @labelonline loving the line-up. Huge well done to LSUTV #lufbrafreshers.

19:01 Time to just catch our breath there I felt. While LSUTV's broadcast has now finished, there's no stopping me yet, I'm going through your reaction to the line up, which at the moment seems mainly positive.

18:44 Let us know your thoughts on Gym Class Heroes including frontman Travie McCoy on Twitter. We'll be back with more reaction very shortly.

18:42 The moment we have all been waiting for. Gym Class Heroes, who enjoyed hits including Clothes Off and Cupid's Chokehold will be headlining the Freshers Ball 2011! 

18:40 And the winner of the competitions before the main headlines. Congratulations if your tweet was successful in winning a prize.

18:38 Who else? DJ Fresh is who else. DJ Fresh who's recent hit Louder went to number 1 in the charts. Dynamo, the street magician has also just been announced, now that could make very interesting viewing.

18:35 Thanks for all your tweets, we'll be posting them as soon as possible. Freshers Ball 2011, and the headline acts will be… Stevie Starr from Britains Got Talent. That's the regurgitating man for those who don't watch the ITV show. Yasmin, artist of Finish Line has also been announced.

18:33 So we have a Paint Party and a Foam Party in Room 1 during the first few weeks of the 2011-12 academic year. Good note that for Freshers, don't just bring your best outfits. Freshers Ball is up next…

18:32 AU and SocFed are the next up to promote their sections. Post-Freshers, Tony Lee X-rated hypnotist, Hey Ewe foam party and Nero will all be visiting Loughborough in the first term.

18:30 I don't like to say I told you so, but we did suspect a Radio 1 DJ would be playing at some point during Freshers. Not Tim Westwood as some people on Twitter believed.

18:29 Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills is back for Returners FND!

18:28 Action Chair David Cox and RAG Chair Sarah Musgrave now join Lucy and Anie on the sofas and outline their Freshers plans. All the Union Exec are being given a chance to outline their roles and sections.

18:26 Wheatus, which we already know, are next to be annouced by Head of Media, Anie Davis. They recieved a mixed response on Twitter earlier today, share your thoughts using the #LufbraFreshers hashtag.

18:24 I may be slightly biased with regards to that previous comment having been in Faraday Hall all last year, I'm sure you can excuse me for that. In three words Rebecca Bridger describes the Sing Off as "Best. Night. Ever."

18:23 Freshers Sing Off is a massive night in the Union. Faraday were robbed last year if memory serves me correctly as Towers took the crown in 2010.

18:21 Keep an eye out for LSU Media throughout freshers week. Label (which you have clearly already found), Loughborough Campus Radio and a Big Brother style diary room run by LSUTV will all be in action during Freshers Week.

 Freshers Welcome Party is up next on the first Thursday of freshers week and DJ Grammafone will be there too!

 Pete describes Fresher's week as a "once in a lifetime" opportunity and it's only once in a life time you get to see Steven Hall, dancer supreme at the Loughborough SU.

18:18 We begin with a look back at Freshers 2010, to some, it probably only feels like yesterday. Rebecca Bridger, Pete Childs and Jayde Savage have now joined Anie and Lucy on the sofa. Jayde's advice, "Speak to as many people as possible".

18:16 Anie Davis reveals that there will be prizes on offer for those watching LSUTV today in the form of a platinum extra card and VIP tickets to the Freshers Ball, certainly a great money saver that.

18:15 And we're underway!

18:13 Sorry to keep you all waiting but LSUTV like to build the tension it seems. Rory Mitchell (below) believes it's worse than Christmas, not sure I'm quite that excited, Easter levels of excitement maybe?

Rory_Mitch tweets: @LufbraPresident you mean the live reveal that was meant to be 7 minutes ago. this is worse than christmas #lufbrafreshers
18:09 It seems as if LSUTV are going to be fashionably late, so I've had a chance to peak a look at Twitter, don't forget you can share your thoughts using the hashtag #LufbraFreshers.
LufbraPresident Rebecca Bridger, Loughborough Student Union's President is on the twitter, right on corporate message as well, "So excited for the fresher reveal coming up soon. It's going to be incredible 🙂 #lufbrafreshers"

18:03 LSUTV are broadcasting Live from Room 1 it seems, that's certainly a change from last year. Still no action on said stage as yet, it's all very dark. So far Miss Keeno (below), you're not missing much.

Miss_Keeno on Twitter, "Not near a computer. Somone update me on freshers line up please?"

18:03 As I post the link to this site on Facebook, a picture of Eminem and Rhianna has come up, is this a sign of things to come?

18:00 It's nearly time, who's your money on?

17:55 You can get involved by using Twitter and I'll publish as many good and interesting tweets as possible, if it's funny it's almost a dead cert.

@Kirisama on Twitter "I just realised that the #summer is gone but it's nearly time for #lufbrafreshers and partying it up in #lsu"

17:52 As it stands, that's all that the Exec and the people at LSUTV will let me know. So I'm as eager to get going as you are. Rumours have been flying around all afternoon from the realistic, of Aloe Blacc and Tim Westwood, to the ridiculous, Spice Girls. Surely not?

17:50 So what do we already know? Well, Label Online did reveal earlier this afternoon on Twitter that Wheatus will be playing at the Loughborough Students Union on October 3rd. That's during Freshers Week but won't be the actual ball.

17:46 A reminder that I believe it will be Vice President for Finance & Commercial Services, Lucy Padolsey and Head of Media, Anie Davis who will be on LSUTV tonight, taking you through what will undoubtedly be another highly anticipated start to the new academic year.

17:42 Last year's Freshers featured the likes of The Vengaboys, Professor Green and Eliza Doolittle, but what can we expect from 2011? The rumour mill has been running at full speed throughout the day so I'll bring you some of those shortly.

17:30 Hello and welcome along to the Freshers 2011 Line Up Reveal. If you are unable to watch the reveal live on LSUTV then panic not. I'll be here for the next hour or so with everything you need to know.


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