Launched around the globe on August 5th was a brand new iPad app. The creator? ASOS.

ASOS, which began life as ‘As Seen On Screen’ is now one of the most popular shopping sites in the UK and is extremely popular with fashion fans due to its wide range of on trend clothes and accessories suiting every budget.

Apple’s iPad, released last year, has become a widespread phenomenon and has extended Apple’s domination in the technology market. It seemed logical that haute-couture fashion brands and the magazines that cover them would be quick to become a part of this and, soon after the iPad’s launch, companies such as ELLE and Gucci had apps available for free.

However, the majority of the apps from these companies only allowed for mere browsing of new season collections rather than giving customers the opportunity to buy from their iPad.

What is different about the ASOS app is that it allows customers to buy straight from their device. However, for a company who only sells online, what is the benefit of owning the app when customers could visit the website and get the same service?

Perhaps this is ASOS’s way of broadening their customer base by branching into an exclusive technology sector? Many companies have created apps for their collections and had a great deal of success, such as that of, the renowned online designer fashion store.

So what ASOS customers can now obtain is a truly enhanced shopping experience; they can flick through the pages of its exciting magazine-style design, and then seamlessly go from picture to buying in just one tap. Easily and conveniently.

Companies such as ASOS, who want to be at the technological forefront, will be eager to create an app as every possible medium in which the company can secure a foothold will bring greater publicity and, inevitably, success and increased revenue.

The question on everyone’s lips is, ‘will this app prove a success?’ We very much doubt the thousands of devout ASOS fans will immediately rush out to buy a £399 iPad when they could use the tried and tested website on their computers at home. However, if an ASOS customer happens to already own an iPad, it will be an attractive novelty and offers a new and different experience from that of the website.

Whilst it cannot be denied that the iPad app may be smarter and more easily navigated than the website, it is unlikely to become more popular than the website itself. The venture by ASOS – the first app which sells both high-street and designer brands from the iPad – will definitely increase the number of people who are aware of ASOS and therefore will, theoretically, bring the company greater success.


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