Accessories. Skinny waist belts, cute clutch bags, playful jewellery, or patterned neck scarves. Whatever form it comes in, piling on the accessories is a fashion must-have for keeping outfits versatile and up-to-date.

Brogues. Add instant 1940’s glamour to your weekday outfit with some plain-coloured brogues like those seen on the Ralph Lauren runway, or with sequins and glitter for a night out, such as those seen at Dolce & Gabbana.

Cardigan. Nothing will keep you warmer this blustery midlands winter than a thick-knit cardigan. It is one of the few occasions when raiding your grandma’s wardrobe is completely acceptable… all in the name of fashion of course. Wear with a string of pearls or a small brooch for instant vintage chic.

Drama. Add some drama to your look and make Alexander McQueen proud by donning a piece of chunky statement jewellery. A thick wrist cuff, simple neck choker or semi-precious stone ring will give even the simplest outfit some instant va-va-voom.

Expression. Fashion is all about articulating your personality on an outwards level, and it is often too easy to follow the crowd. The sexiest style that anyone can wear is his or her own and therefore this Fall is all about expressing who you are, rather than who people want you to be.

Fur. Seen on Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham and Daisy Lowe, this practical and comfortable trend will keep you looking stylish and chic as you walk to lectures in the freezing cold this winter.

Gillet. For that autumn and winter in-between stage, opt for a fur or leather gillet layered over a contrasting or textured jumper.

Hats. Whether it is a trilby, fedora, beret, bonnet, felt hat, flat cap, fascinator or pillbox, everyone needs a trendy piece of headwear (or two!) in their lives. This versatile and wide-ranging accessory is not only trend-worthy, but also great for keeping flyaway hair-do’s under control this autumn.

Investment pieces. We’re students not supermodels and so no matter how many FND nights we sacrifice, that Mulberry Bayswater or vintage Chanel clutch is always going to remain unaffordable. However, should some savings come your way, a quality leather handbag or classic piece of jewellery is always worth the investment.

Jewel colours. Think rich ruby red, luxurious gold, deep magenta, lust-worthy emerald or subterranean sapphire. Turn yourself regal and rich in colour this Fall to emanate exuberance and style on a budget.

Keeping it real. As much as we’d love to think we’re sauntering along the chic streets of Milan as we head to lectures, the reality is that we’re not. The blistering wind of Loughborough combined with the long treks up and down campus doesn’t make for a stylish environment. Consequently, tottering along in winter in nothing more than a crop top, shorts and heels is always strongly discouraged by the Style team.

Label. Your go-to magazine on the Loughborough campus. Not only are the pages filled with news, music updates, book reviews and fashion fixes, but it’s also FREE! You couldn’t ask for more really, could you? (Well maybe a giveaway Prada purse too, but as we mentioned above, let’s keep it real!)

Masculinity. Androgyny has pervaded the catwalk for some time now, but this season it reached heightened levels of exposure; broad, long boyfriend blazers grazed the knees of stick-thin models with washboard stomachs and cropped locks. To emulate this style try the boyfriend jeans, blazers, large un-fitted white blouses and dewy, barely-there make-up.

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