Among the many worries surrounding starting university for the first time is the fear of not dressing fashionably enough to fit in with your new peers. Although some may see it as a frivolous worry, for others, it is at the forefront of their mind.

So to prepare you for your Loughborough experience, we thought we’d give you a quick run down of all your fresher fashion needs that are quite literally, applicable to all students.

1.       An assorted box of fancy dress pieces. Think neon, devils, angels, school wear, tutu’s, camouflage… and maybe get more adventurous as the year goes on.

2.      Some cash set aside to immediately purchase the signature ‘Loughborough’ hoodie and tracksuit bottoms (they sell out quick!).

3.      Some comfy footwear for walking around campus all day.

4.      Plenty of snuggly pyjamas and slippers for writing essays in.

5.      An umbrella for the wet, winter days and a thick coat as it gets rather blustery in autumn.

6.      Dark jumpers and trousers that don’t show dirt as quickly as lighter pieces.

7.      Plenty of clubbing clothes for the endless Friday FND nights out.

8.     Some ear plugs for when your flat mates roll in late.

9.      As many pairs of jeans as you can fit in your bag for last-minute lecture dash outfit choices.

10.  All the underwear and socks you own – you will never be able to wash them as quickly as you wear them, and the frequency of wash visits will inevitably be determined by how few basic necessities you have left.


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