Yes, this is it. The second IAMLUFBRA event of the summer, a Twenty20 Bonanza on Brockington.

Loughborough MCCU play against Oxford MCCU in the first of the semi-finals at 1.30pm before the final takes place later in the afternoon. And what is even better news to you, Label and LCR are bringing you live coverage of the whole day.

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That a knock that was from Matt Cross who has seen Loughborough home here at Brockington. Superb all round performance from Loughborough to chase down the 143 with time spare.

18th over 147-6 LOUGHBOROUGH WIN
AND that's it!! And it's Cross again with the slog sweep to see Loughborough home!

18th over 143-6 (Lboro req 1 off  11 balls)
Cross on strike he manages a single and a front foot no ball means a free hit, a slower ball but he over steps again we'll have a 2nd free hit, 2 this time Another single from Cross. A leg bye before a full toss is carved through cover point for 4 more, what a knock this is!

17th over 129-6 (Lboro require 14 to win from 18 balls)
The wicket has stopped Cross' progress as he launches a massive 6 over long off, great shot but it has to be said it's a very short boundary straight here at Brockington.

17th over WICKET Tavare bwld 14
Milligan brings himself on and strikes straight away. Loughborough need a run a ball exactly

16th over 120-5
Cross, the 3rd choice MCCU wicketkeeper, showing what he can do with a superb drive beating mid off. And he follows it up with another boundary over deep midwicket. And Again! Driven once more square this time, superb from Cross he's onto 14 already.

15th over 107-5 WICKET
Wilkin tee's off one time too many as he finds the fan's favourite player, Walker, at cow corner and goes for 15 in an exciting little innings. Cross is the new batsman, and his first ball is delicately played down to third man for two. A huge appeal in the 5th ball is turned down, it was never going to out realistically bowling right arm off-spin round the wicket. 

14th over
Wilkin is getting into some rhythm here, scoring two fours in the 14th bringing up the 100 for Loughborough. 102-4

13th over
The spinner is causing Loughborough's batsmen a few problems but a delicate nurdle passed the keeper gets another boundary for Tavare as it races down the hill towards the LCR commetary scaffolding. 91-4.

12th over WICKET James 26
James gets bowled by Smith of Oxford after an impressive little knock of 26. A bad time to lose a wicket for Loughborough. Wilkin replaces him, and the 19-year-old smashes his second ball over the ropes. HUUUUGEEE to cow corner. Loughborough up to 85-4

11th over 74-3
A call from the crowd, can Walker on the boundary do the Sprinkler… After a passive stage of umming and ahhing he's done it, classic technique. Slight bending of the knee, right arm waving. Fabulous stuff. Back to the cricket, and Loughborough have marched on to 74-3 off 11 overs. 70 needed off nine

10th over 67-2
Good running from Loughborough to sneak two 2s early in the over.
WICKET Ratnayake ct 10
Tavare the new man, 10 overs to go, Loughborough need 76 from the last 10.

9th over 62-9
So our first chance to see spin this innings. Batsmen milking him for singles to keep the scoreboard ticking. Interesting phrase that milking, if anyone knows where that's from tweet in.

8th over 58-2
Is that another let off for Loughborough as a bottom edge nearly hits the stumps? A request for "the sprinkler" is made on the PA, Swanny's legacy from the Ashes last winter lives on.

7th over 56-2
Couple more singles brings the 50 up for Loughborough. EDGED! An attempted pull and the edge slips through and over the keeper's glove, a let off that for Loughborough.

6th over 45-2
New batsmen in and pulls straight for four, mid on could have done better there. Nothing the field could do with that one though, carved through the covers for a 2nd four. Scoring rate has been good so far from Loughborough.

5th over 36-2
As I say that minor confusion between the batsmen but nothing comes of it. Patel then carves it over backward point for another boundary.
WICKET Patel ct 15
Patel with another short and wide delivery but this time he hits it straight to the fielder and that's the 2nd wicket to fall.

4th over 31-1
Better bowling from Oxford, they've found their length, that is before overpitching to Patel and its launched over wide mid off for 4. Good running from the Loughborough pair, keeping the scoreboard ticking.

3rd over 22-1
Ratnayeke is the new man. Just a wide from that over, better from Oxford.

3rd over WICKET
Taylor pulls another short pull, this time it's straight down the throat of the deep square leg fielder, Oxford's short bowling has paid off it seems.

2nd over 21-0
2 leg byes as the bowler struggles with the left hand, right hand combination of Taylor and Patel. 4 more! Byes this time, again down the legside. Short and 4 again! Beats the deep square leg boundary. Short and wide to Patel and carved away through backward point, far too short the bowling so far.

1st Over 6-0
Rob Taylor and Nitesh Patel open the batting. Short and dispatched by Taylor, contiuning where he left off earlier this morning (where he scored a 50 against UWIC). A single and a wide complete the scoring.

14:53 END OF INNINGS Very good final over that from Taylor, just 3 from it and the wicket. Loughborough require 144 to win this IAMLUFBRA 2020 cricket fixture. Continue to get involved on twitter, we'll take a break during the interval and be back shortly…

14:50 Taylor given the responsibility of final over…WICKET Taylor takes another wicket, left arm around the wicket, cramping the batsmen and clipping the top of middle of the over. He follows it up with a superb diving stop off his own bowling.

14:48 WICKET Tavare takes the catch a long on after a tight over from Sollieux a couple of singles and a fortunate four with a edge down the leg side 140-7 after 19

14:45 WICKET A full ball down the legside Sollieux is well taken by wicket keeper Cross who hits the stumps directly as the batsmen attempt to run a bye. Superb work that from the keeper.

14:40 Another Wicket Oxford are collapsing here. 119-5. Short ball from Rob Taylor and it comes off the splice of the bat, and taken at point. Oxford MCCU hit back with a six and four byes to reach the 130 mark with two overs to go.

14:36 Wicket 13 Walker
Loughborough get another as Walker, who was looking to be inventive at the crease, gets one wrong and it goes spiralling into the air. Oxford struggling at 118-4 off 17 overs.

14:33 Wicket 34 Stebbings RUN OUT
Stebbings goes for a second run but its a great throw from the boundary that clips the top of the stumps and takes of the bails. Top stuff from Loughborough.

14:25 OVER 14- Oxford MCCU 102-2
Oxford starting to push up the run-rate.

14:22 OVER 12- Oxford MCCU 87-2

14:19 Further issues as Brockington loses all power including to our LCR broadcast. Quick dash from Croucher ensures normal coverage can be resumed and coincides with a crunching SIX from Stebbings.

14:18 Scoreboard causing further problems declaring the score as 74-4. Way off the mark.

14:13 OVER 10- Oxford MCCU 70-2

14:11 WICKET Agarwal 29 b R. Patel, c C. Wilkin
Patel makes an instant impact with his second ball with a lofted drive caught comfortably at long-on.

14:09 OVER 9- Oxford MCCU 64-1 Change of bowling as Loughborough Captain Ravi Patel comes into the attack.

14:07 Scoreboard breaks down as Agarwal sends a sumptuous on-drive past the sightscreen.

14:04 OVER 8– Oxford MCCU 47-1

14:00 Change of Bowling No. 16 Adam Soileux

13:59 OVER 7- Oxford MCCU 39-1

13:53 WICKET 34-1 B Stebbings 18
Breakthrough for Loughborough MCCU as Stebbings goes for one too many off the bowling of Oliver Wilkin and is caught by the skipper Ravi Patel at Mid-Off. Another six off the over keeps the run-rate consistent

13:49 Rather pedestrian from the Oxford batsman. Albeit for a few wides. But Whats this, a huge shot down the ground, well, huge compared to the other shots that have been played. One bounce four to take the score to 30 off the first five overs. At this rate, we are heading for 120 off the 20 overs, thats quick maths that.

13:42 Dropped Catch – sort ball, hooked straight to square leg and dropped on the dive off the bowling off Rob Taylor. Oxford haven't really capitalised on the opening overs with the fielding restrictions in place. 22-0 off 4 overs

13:39 End of the second over, 14-0 for Oxford and the first four of the day, smashed high over the infield towards the vacant thirdman position.

13:30 We are underway, six runs coming off the first over from Rob Taylor. A few shots have gone in the air so far.

13:17 Loughborough's team news: Captain Ravi Patel, Matt Cross (wk), Martin Fearon, Harveer Gandam, Nitesh Patel, Dmitri Ratnayake, Adam Soilleux, Ian Sturmer, Suheil Tandon, Will Tavare, Rob Taylor, Oliver Wilkin and (..unknown..) James.

13:15 LCR are now live online with Ben Croucher and Francis Kelly filling the first half hour slot and doing a spectacular job telling you everything that is coming up throughout the day. 15 minutes we have till this match between Oxford MCCU and Loughborough MCCU gets underway.

13:10 Ewan Paterson has been on twitter early doors stating: "Excitement is building for the cricket match on Brockington today – can buy tickets on the door!"

12:53 The weather seems to be holding for this inagraul T20 tournament to be held here in Loughborough. Loughborough have already been in action today beating Cardiff by six wickets in a morning class which saw dominance written all over it from Loughborough. The second match on features a class with Oxford MCCU who are currently going through their rigourous pre-match training regime and are now huddled around going through the tactics to try and derail the Loughborough Express.

13:27 Five minutes until we get under way, and there's some worrying looking clouds hanging overhead.


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