What is Loop Studios?

Loop Studios (or ‘Loop’) is a new name for the audio engineering volunteering section of the Media Centre. It used to be called Aura Audio.

Why has it been changed from Aura Audio to Loop Studios?

Loop Studios has been created to give the audio engineers more of a presence in the Media Centre and rank it on an even footing with LSUTV, Label and LCR. The premise is that the rebrand will enable Loop to have a great visual presence in the Students’ Union, get more volunteers involved, and receive greater direct support from the Head of Media.

So what’s happened to Aura Audio?

Aura Audio still exists, but is now solely used to describe commercial revenue brought in by the recording studio. This includes bands and artists hiring the facilities, music production and any work in which the Media Centre generates income. Loop is solely a volunteering section.

So how does Loop Studios tie in with LSMedia’s commercial section, Aura?

Loop’s relationship with Aura Audio will work in an identical fashion to the relationship between LSUTV and Aura Video. LSUTV is 100% volunteer led and volunteers do not get paid for their work. Should they become proficient, they may be employed by Aura Video to work on commercial projects, including filming, editing and presenting. Loop’s volunteers will gain knowledge and understanding through practicing in the studios and if Aura Audio requires sound engineers to produce songs and tracks that a client is paying for, then Aura Audio will use one or more of Loop’s volunteers.

So in creating Loop, what has changed in reality?

Well, nothing major if you’re a volunteer. The studios are still in the same place, the equipment hasn’t changed and there are still lots of opportunities to volunteer. Loop will still teach engineers how to setup the recording studio and all the various pieces of equipment. It will also continue to teach its volunteers how to produce music using our software.

Will Loop receive funding in the same way that Label, LCR and LSUTV do?

At the moment, this is still to be decided. As the section is fairly new, various processes need to be undertaken in order to support Loop. Firstly, the Autumn term of 2011/12 will look to establish a Loop committee to further enhance its standing as a credible section on its own. Loop currently has around 5-10 volunteers but it is hoped that when more volunteers get involved, it can warrant funding from the Union. Loop will be able to use the central media budget for advertising and capital expenditure

How will it link with other sections of the Media Centre?

By enhancing Loop as a volunteering section, it is hoped that Loop will be able to provide support for external projects for LCR and similarly, feed in music produced through Loop and Aura Audio into LCR. It will also enable LSUTV volunteers to become accustomed to live sound production and enable Loop volunteer to learn how to make live TV a success.

Why ‘Loop’?

Why not? The current Head of Loop Studios, Tom Ridley, spent ages thinking of a name to fit the rebrand. We wanted another name beginning with ‘L’ to keep it in line with Label, LCR and Label, and a loop is a piece of musical equipment. It’s also quite cool to say. Try it. LOOP. See?!

All this sounds mighty exciting, how do I get involved?

It’s easy really. Just drop an email to media@lufbra.net and they can get you involved from the get go.

If you have any further questions about Loop, Aura Audio or Aura Video, email media@lufbra.net.


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