Good morning and welcome to the Haslegrave Cricket Ground where Label is pitchside to bring you live coverage as Loughborough Students take on the might of the MCC.

Scorecard: Loughborough First Innings: 271-9 Overs 50. MCC 201-8 (39 overs)

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50 Overs Adam Soilleux sees Loughborough through as they win by 15 runs. Urry is left not-out on 34. It would have been a fantastic comeback by the MCC but it's a great result for Loughborough MCCU.

49.3 overs 17 required off 3 balls… three sixes needed

48.5 overs WICKET (DEAN 12) 250-9

Kevin Dean attempts another big shot, but its driven straight to cover for Patel's first wicket. Alasdair Evans is the last man

49th over

Patel back for another over, Urry goes for a big heave and under-edges one that goes for four. A single follows up to get Dean back on strike. 23 required off 8 balls.Urry on 31* and Dean 12*.

48th over 244 -8

Adam Soilleux is brought back into the attack. A single from the first ball by Kevin Dean, a dotball for the second and the third, another single. The MCC need two a ball, but only seem to be getting singles. Soilleux himself stops the final ball from going for four of his own bowling. Top over for Loughborough.

47th over 240-8 (32 required)

Loughborough need to tighten up their act a little here. They are experiencing a difficult period here. Unbeliveably Urry escapes another run-out decision as Cross takes of the bails for a quick single. Urry looked well out. LCR's Joe Lynskey says they are the type of decisions which can cost Loughborough the match. Indiscipline from Patel means there were two wides in that over, not what his captain would have been looking for. 32 required off 3.

46th over 231-8

Ten runs of the over as Dean shows all his experience of County cricket. The best shot being a superb off drive which is fumbled on the boundary by the fielder at long off.

45th over 221-8

Loughborough's opening batsman, Nitesh Patel is into the attack to try and curb Urry's run scoring. Kevin Dean looks to be a shocking runner between the wickets, you would expect someone of his experience to be better than that. Urry, smashes a backfoot drive over cover to take the score to 221-8

44th over 215-8

What was I saying, not competent? Urry has something else to say about that, though I doubt he read my comment. Three successive fours smashing Feeron to all parts of the ground. Dean gets on strike and attempted to get off it as soon as possible calling for a silly single, but the throw is too slow as Urry escapes a close call.

43rd over 201-8

Dean plays out a maiden. These too don't seem the most competent batsmen.

42nd over WICKET (Parker 41) 201-8

Feeron again from the Haslegrave End and he's made the old cliche one brings two come true. Parker misses a straight one after being deceived by flight. Game over?… Kevin Dean comes to piece as well as Urry.

41st over WICKET (Buckthorpe 36) 198-7

Kyle Buckthorpe departs after an innings which brought his team so much hope as edges an attempted cut stroke straight to the wicket-keeper from Adam Soilleux

40th over 195-6

Off-spinner Martin Feeron is back into the attack from the Haslegrave End and again another chance as the Keeper, Cross goes up for a catch behind but the appeal is rejected. Three from the over and the MCC side are setting up a fantastic finish here

39th over 192-6 DROPPED CATCH

It has to be said that Buckthorpe and parker have done a stirling job here as they both reach 34 at relatively the same time. Adam Soilleux comes in for another over and the lad from Kent is unlucky not to grab a wicket as a simple chance is dropped in the field. Four runs come from the over.

38th over 188-6

Avi Karia rattles through the 38th over conceding only one run in the process. A vitally tight over for Loughborough

37th over 187-6

Five runs off the over from Adam Soilleux, who is the new bowler at the Cayley end. From the last ball of the over though the Loughborough team all jump up to appeal for a wicket against Kyle Buckthorpe. However their hope is ended as the umpire shakes his head. 

36th over 182-6

Spinners starting to leak a few more runs in these last few overs, the batsmen looking increasingly comfortable against these two bowlers. Patel has sensed this and we have a change of bowling…

35th over 179-6

Just picking the singles up nicely here the MCC batsmen but another big shot and a boundary straight over the bowlers head. Sorry I've skipped ahead an over the scoreboard was an over behind. And another boundary, an exact replica over the bowlers head. Runs required below 100 now

33rd over 166-6

The two MCC batsmen consolidating well here, Parker is 16* and Buckthorp 28* the partnership is up to 58. Just the single boundary a big swipe through midwicket and a single off the over.

32nd over 161-6

Fearon with a good stop down to his left off his own bowling

CHANCE – a sprawling dive from the mid off on the edge of the 30 yard circle but he can't quite get a fingertip to it and the ball runs away for 4 runs.

31st over 157-6

Another tidy over from Patel, just the single from it. The MCC now require 115 runs from the remaining 29 overs.

30th over 156-6

Fearon again with his right arm around the wicket to the left handed Parker. A single out to deep cover before Fearon drops short to Buckthorp who cuts and picks up another couple.

29th over 153-6

Back to back boundaries for Buckthorp to continue his impressive performance so far today. The first a cover drive against the spin before a powerful sweep shot down passed deep square leg.

28th Over 145 – 6

Bowling change brings Avi Karia on from the Haslegrave end. Buckthrop looks to attack as he dispatches the first ball for four. A genuine edge escapes throough the fielders to bring him two more.

27th Over

 More tidy bowling from Fearon in the 27th over. Spin option proving to be an economical choice as this time as just one run is taken from the over

26th Over 136 – 6

As Patel continues Anthony Parker begins to show some aggression against the young spinner and fires one straight down the group for 6. In fact it's been hit so far that a replacement ball is sought..

25th 130 – 6

Kyle Buckthrop hits the first ball down the groud for four. Fearon recovers well to finish the over with no more taken from it

24th Over 126 – 6

Ravi Patel bowling over the wicket sees just four runs come from his over

23rd Over 122 – 6

A bowling change brings Martin Fearon on from the Cayley end. From Fearons second ball a dropped catch gives Parker a lifeline. Fearon finishes to complete a maiden over

22nd Over 122 – 6

Ravi Patel continues to show his class as his stays at the Haslegrave end.


Patel uses some variation to bowl a slighlty quicker deliver that see's Ogilvie bails come clean off the stumps for the 6th wicket of the match and Patels 3rd of the match.

New batsman Anthony Parker arrrives to see the end of the over out. Four bys see's the end of the over as the MCC see themselves in a difficult situation desperate for a partnership to develop. 

21st Over 117 – 5

Sturmer continues as the score is on nelson. The new batsman is Kyle Buckthorp. Ogilvie continues to take singles to slowly bring his score up to 20. Four leg-bys helps bring the MCC score up to 117

20th 111 – 5

Patel continues and is looking threatning as he bowls round the wicket.


Patel bowls to Wilkinson and Ravi is straight up in appeal. The umpires figure goes straight up and it's plum! 

19th Over 110 – 4

Ogilvie begins the over with a beautifully timed cut to the boundary as Sturmer offers too much width to the offside. Ogilvie attacks again to smash another four from the over although Sturmer is able to keep the final two balls tight.

18th Over 100 – 4

Patel continues from the Haslegrave end. A tidy over see's four runs come from it. That brings up the 100 for the MCC team.

17th Over 96-4

Sturmer continues from the Cayley end in an aggressive style. Poor fielding from his 2nd ball see's a large overthrow accumulate 5 leg bys followed by a four from Ogilvie who has moved onto 10.

16th Over 86 – 4

Richard Wilkinson is the new batsman for the MCC team. Patel continues and appeals off his first ball for LBW. 186 still required for the MCC tal

15th Over 86 – 4

Sturmer continues and looks fired up.


Sturmers first ball and theres a huge LBW appeal. The whole Lboro field are on their feet shouting for the appeal but the umpire is unmoved. LCR on the boundary feel the batsman had in fact hit it.


Richard Young is the next batsman to fall foul to Sturmers excellent bowling spell. Edging the ball behind he departs for 0!

14th Over 80 -3

Patel begins his second over and comes around the wicket. A big shout of LBW follows as the ball drifts in but it appears to be moving too far as the umpire stays unmoved. 

13th Over 80 – 3

New batsman Arfan Akram comes to the crease to face Ian Sturmer.


One brings two, and two brings three for the Loughborough MCCU.  Sturmer continues in good form to take control of the over and removes Akram for 1!

12th Over 77-2

Bowling change for Lboro. Skipper Ravi Patel brings himself on to bowl from the Haslegrave end. Gavin Hamilton fancies himself against the young spinner and dispatches Patels early balls for four then a big shot for 6.


After two big shots Hamilton decides to go for a third but this time doesn't make the distance and is caught on the boundary. A confused decision by Hamilton to attack again and it doesn't pay off as he leaves the field for 59.


11th Over 65-1

Soileux to continue although a bowling change looks likely. His first ball is cut hansomely by Hamilton but only for one.

Sam Hampson says on Twitter "Been listening to commentary for over 2 hours, well done LCR and "


Soileux balls to Eyles who edges behind for a comfortable catch and Loughborough have their first wicket.

New batsman Campbell Ogilvie makes his way to the crease. In his second ball a half-hearted appeal is made from the Lboro fielders but to no avail. Ogilvie leaves the final ball to finish the 11th over.

10th Over 63-0

Sturmer continues as the wind continues to blow. Gavin Hamilton continues in a strong fashion taking an assetive position with two crashing fours in the over to bring him to onto 48*

9th 53-0

8th 48-0

Another tight over from Ian Sturmer see's just two runs collected. Gavin Hamilton continues to look aggressive fashion although is unable to  find the boundary rope

7th 46-0

Soileux from the Cayley end provides a tight over. Bowling on a good line he appears to develop some good seam movement to test the batsman.

6th 45-0

Tandon again and he is quickly dispatched for four from his first ball. Midway through the over and caos insues as the batsman try to take a quick single amid swift fielding from the Loughborough team. The batsman makes his ground however allowing the over to be completed with no wicket lost.

5th Over 40-0

Another strong over from the MCC side. Gavin Hamilton remains the dominant player although is seen to mistime on some of his shots. 

4th Over 32-0

Suheil Tandon continues from the Haslegrave end. Hamilton continues to take the strike and is looking a serious threat.


3rd Over 28-0

A perfect start from the MCC team. The opening pairing of Eyles and Hamilton have asserted themselves well. Hamilton taking the majority of the strike as he is currently on 21*

MCC innings begins – The MCC batters have taken to the field ready to chase the Loughborough score.


Loughborough finish on 271. Will that be enough? Get in contact with your opinion on Twitter at @labelonline or comment below.

50th Over 271-9

Only a brief outline of the last over as my laptop decides it would be a good idea to drop the page. Two more wickets fall for Buckthorp, who really has come on as the innings came to a close.

49th Over 264-7

Penultimate over and Loughborough are looking for a minimum of a run a ball here. Working in singles for all six balls, leg byes called for one of them.

48th Over 258-7

Patel hits the ball through the off-side for two.


Patel attmpts a reverse sweep shot and another Loughborough goes froma stumping.

Essex contracted player Adam Soilleux comes in and get off the mark instantly guiding the ball for two.


A one ball wonder for Soilleux as he follows the rest of the Loughborough contingent and is stumped. A great bit of death bowling!

47th Over 255-5

With two new batsman some might be worried that the scoreboard won't tick over, but Patel looks skywards for two shots only for one. Another couple fo singles and Fearon then leans forward and flicks consecutive delivers down between short fine-leg and deep backward square leg for two more boundaries.

46th Over 244-5

Buckthorp produces some more off-spin and the Loughborough batsman only work in singles for the next two balls. Three runs with a glancing shot by Fearon and a copycat attempt by Cross runs to the bounary. He swipes at the next misses goes, as some fine glove work by the MCC keeper removes the bails and Cross goes stumped.

Patel is the next man in and drives the last ball for one.

45th Over 234-4

Fearon gets his chance to come into the attack with a single. Cross does the same, Fearon mistiming his next shot for another one run. Cross sees out one before coming forwards to drive for a single. Bowler Evans asks for field movements, and a dot-ball to end the over.

44th Over 231-4

Taylor looks to impress against the spin of Buckthorp, in a Pietersen-esque reverse hook shot and a sliced effort putting four on the total.


Taylor goes as he hits it high up to long-on who takes a smart diving catch.

Fearon comes to the crease and doesn't get to face a ball as the previous pair crossed over. Cross cuts the ball away for a late single.

43rd Over 223-3

New bastman Cross goes in confidently against the Evans, as he comes on at the Haslegrave end. Three from Cross and a single from Taylor, almost running himself out in the process. Cross plays the penultimate ball over the head of mid-wicket for four.

42nd Over 215-3

A miss timed attempt by Taylor, as he comes down the wicket only puts one more on the scoredboard. Gandam looks to push the total firstly a four and two more only to come down the wicket.


Gandam dances' down the wicket and completely misses the ball, the MCC's keeper quickly removing the stumps, and his time is up. A vital partnership of 133 between Gandam and Taylor, with the departing batsman putting in 62.

41st Over 207-2

Taylor guides the first for one and Gandam looks to take the strike and try to reach his fifty. Two off the next ball and Gandam makes a huge sweep shot for SIX that not only gets his half-century but moves Loughborough over 200. Two more added to the total and Gandam chips the last ball over the head of the square-leg umpire, which bounces safely.

40th Over 194-2

Spin bowler Buckthorp carries on as is duly hit for four consecutive singles.

39th Over 190-2

Gandam ticks his total over once more allowing Taylor the chance to get back on strike. MCC push the field out to the boundary and Taylor drives his first ball down the ground bringing up the fifty. Gandam fails in hit shot through mid-wicket but gets enough of the bat on ball to pick up one more. Taylorgoes arial, pulling the last delivery for a one bounce four.

38th Over 184-2

Spin continues from the Cayley end and the fielders crowd Gandam. Three dot balls and Gandam comes down the wicket and drives for one. Taylor on 49 has two balls to get his half-century. He chooses not to play anything stupidly and sees out the over.

37th Over 182-2

Bowling change at the Haslegrave end, Kevin Dean coming back into the action. Gandam hits the left-arm bowler through the off-side for one, only for Taylor to hit Dean's slower ball back at him. A nice bit of fancy footwork by the bowler stops Taylor. Next ball is driven past Dean and one more for Taylor. Gandam follows the order of play and hits the ball for a single.

36th Over 177-2

Buckthorp decideds to move around  the wicket against Taylor, who pushes it for a single. Gandam, thr forgotten man, goes on to the back foot and nudges the ball for another run. The bowler races through his last delivers for no more.

35th Over 175-2

Taylor pushes the gas and guides Urry down behind fine leg for four. Two quick singles and Taylor once again finds the boundary hitting it hard past the bowler and into the hedge. New ball I think.

And indeed the umpires signal to the pavillion here in the ECB centre for a new on to be brought out. Will this make and difference for the players? Not quite as good as reason as the Flintoff hit into beer Ashes 2005, but it must be done.

Taylor hits the ball back to the bowler and gets a single off the last delivery through the off-side.

34th Over 164-2

The Loughborough batsman take it in turn to just push the first two delivers for singles. Taylor hits a two and smashes Buckethorp for a SIX on the leg-side. Taylor takes control again hitting another two and finally a single on the last ball to have the strike against Urry.

33rd Over 151-2

Gandam pushes the first ball for a single and it looks as if one of these batsman need to start taking the bowling on with only 18 overs to go. Taylor takes on the responsibility and again tries for a boundary but only achieves a single. Urry's next ball is whipped away by the wristy Gandam and Taylor smashes the following delivery for four past mid-on, bringing the Loughborough total to 150. The last delivery sees one more added as Taylor guides the ball on the elg side behind square-leg.

32nd Over 143-2

A change of bowler and the introduction of spin into the MCC's line-up. Quick single and the fielders have to move again as this left-right batting combination. Kyle Buckthorp has his next two delivers forced for singles and moves the partnership on to 62 vital runs.

31st Over 140-2

Urry rapts the pads of Taylor as his eyes light up once more and attempts the big shot. MCC push one more out to the boundary on the leg-side. In reply Taylor's next tow shots go straight to the man at point as he tries to look for a gap on the off-side. Cut away on the back foot for one to Taylor. A third overthrow and another run to the total. Urry cuts Taylor in half, and the last delivery sees the Loughborough batsman fall to the floor as he attempts to pull the abll.

30th Over 138-2

Loughborough pick up the pace instatnly with two for Gandam only to see the next ball by Wilkinson bowls it wide and races away to the boundary. Gandam then nudges the bowl away for one.


Taylor pushes it to mid-on and takes on the arm of the fielder and the throw just misses the stumps. A sure run out with a direct hit.

Four more, this time Gandam goes forwards and drives the last ball past the fielder.

29th Over 125-2

It seems the tight bowling is getting to the batsman as Taylor swings and misses at the first ball. A second attempt doesn't go much better but gets an edge and they run a tetchy single. Gadman picks up a single and allows Taylor to face the next delivery guiding it down leg for two. As our LCR commentators believe he may be trying a little too much.

28th Over 121-2

Just one run off the first ball as Taylor dirves it past mid-off. Gandam wafts outside his offside at a couple of balls but fails to time it and guides it to point. Wilkinson pitches it up a finds the area to stop Gandam. Only a single from that over, leaving both batsman on 19.

27th Over 120-2

New bowler Tom urry has the advantage of the wind behind him as it moves to the Haslegrave end. A quick punch shot for from Taylor rotates the strike and Gandam sees out the rest of the over for none.

26th Over 119-2

Drinks break over. Change of bowling from the Cayley end, bringing Richard Wilkinson in. A snick off the first ball by Taylor and it runs down past the slips for four runs. Timed shot by Taylor this time, driven through mid-wicket, an impressive attempt to prevent the boundary , but he fails to prevent another four.

Quick single off the next one which brings Gandam to face the bowling, and the MCC instantly bring a further slip into the cordon.

25th Over 110-2

Five runs off the over brings the drinks break. Loughborough go in just 2 wickets down and will be looking to build partnerships after the break.

24th Over 105-2

Fabulous timing from Gandam brings another 4 into the spectators at the Cayley end, down the pitch from more WIlkinson medium pace. Gandam looking good after that catching chance, and looking to bat aggressivley.

|More errors from the MCC as this time overthrows straight over the keepers head gift Loughborough more runs that bring the 100 up. Could the MCC regret these mistakes later in the game?

23rd Over 97-2

Five wides to the tally as Ogilvie shows his first signs of indiscipline. Valuable for Loughborough as they were looking bogged down. 

CHANCE! A diving opportunity at a good height for the mid-on fielder for the MCC. Gandam escapes with a boundary but he cannot be taking those kind of risks at this stage as the drinks break approaches. 

A mis-field from the mid-on  fielder presents another easy single for Loughborough. The vastly experienced MCC fielders are making village green mistakes in this over! A very good over for Loughborough brings 10 runs, 6 of them gifted and the other 4 a catchong chance!

22nd Over 88-2

Taylor looks to be going out to smack it around today. A six in his first over and now lucky not to edge straight to the keeper. Wilkinson keeping with his desciplined approach and looking to get more wickets and bog down Taylor like he did the openers. Taylor's drives are looking good off the front foot but are merely picking out the fielders.

21st Over 88-2

21st Over SIX!

Taylor scores the day's first six from just his second ball in a crazy over from Wilkinson! 

21st over WICKET! 

Patel punished off Wilkinson again. Wickets falling in pairs for Loughborough!

20th over 81-1

Full from Wilkinson and Patel drives for a single into the covers. Another single into the leg side keeps the scoreboard ticking. 81-1 now.

Ed White on Twitter with details on Tavare's innings: "Tavare scored 35 runs off 49 balls. 61 minutes, 4 fours at a strikerate of 71.43 "

19th over 79-1 

A single with a gentle push down the ground and Patel moves onto 36 now. Ogilvie keeping it tight here, except for a wide down the legside. Gandam flicks a full ball down to deep square leg before seeing out the rest of the over.

18th over WICKET Tavare 35 (49), 75-1.

Tavare recieves a nasty blow from Wilkinson and next ball he edges behind to 1st slip who takes the catch and that's a vital breakthrough for the MCC.

The new batsmen is Harveer Gandem who is immediately off the mark with a couple into the legside.

17th Over 73-0

Bit of pressure being built here by the MCC bowlers. That is until Patel flicks high and wide of mid on and that nearly went all the way. 4 runs to Patel and both batsmen are both 35* now.

16th over 68-0

Short and cut away by Tavare. 4 from that over, much needed boundary for Loughborough.

on twitter "As a cricket virgin I'm learning some bits from LCRs live coverage of the LSCC Vs MCC. Tune in at #lborocricket"

15th over 64-0

A change bowling, Dean takes a rest after a 7 over spell, and just the single off Campbell Ogilvie's first over which is described as military medium on LCR's commentary.

14th Over 63-0

Wilkinson comes in for his second over. A lovely pull shot from Tavare on the backfoot through square leg goes to the fence. LCR commentator Jago Pearson gets excited by a delicious on-drive by Tavare to finish the over. 11 runs off that over and Tavare now up to 34*.

13th Over 52-0

Kevin Dean is causing a few problems into his seventh over and most probably his last of his spell. The 35-year-old bowling down the hill has an early LBW shout but its not given. Tavare collects some runs towards the end of the over with a lovely cover drive to move to 23.

12th Over 48-0

The first change of bowling as Richard Wilkinson comes into the attack with a few medium pacers at the Cayley End. Tavare seems to be finding his rhythm now, taking a liking to the slower pace. A few lovely shots from both batsman wield five runs of the over and take the score to 48-0. Tavare 20*, Patel 25*.

11th Over 43-0

Interestingly, into Dean's over the MCC have already taken out their two slips to attempt to dry up the flow of Loughborough runs. Loughborough have seen off the new-ball without loss throughout the early overs. A tight over from Dean and it's the first maiden over of the day.

10th Over 43-0

Patel forward to Evans and smashes through the covers for his third four of the day to move to 24. The following ball, the opening batsmen willdly wafts outside the offstump and doesn't get anywhere near it. A single from the next ball brings Tavare on strike but he seems to be struggling with his timing a little bit and getting bogged down in the middle.

9th Over: 38-0

Patel hits a beautiful back-foot cover drive for a couple for a couple of runs. Two singles rotate the strike as four runs come of the over.

8th Over: 34-0

Some signs of jitteriness from Tavare who grabs the only single from the over.

APPEAL! The first big LBW appeal of the day comes in the 8th over from Evans' bowling on Tavare. Not out called after a think from the umpire.

7th Over: 33-0

The first signs of running hesitation from Tavare as a direct hit almost leaves him red-faced after a risky and indecisive second run. Some full-length from Dean met with expert defence from Tavare. Tavare moves to 14 no, whilst Patel is on 16.

6th Over: 31-0

More runs for Patel


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