Loughborough University Football Club are all set for their final ever match to be played on Cayley One as they host the annual match against the IMS Allstars on Wednesday, 18 May.

The yearly event started five years ago and has become an important stepping stone for footballers who have competed throughout the year in IMS competition to earn a place in the Loughborough teams.

The past few seasons have seen the likes of Sammy MacVicar, Sam Aspinwall and Sam Coe make the grade into the football squads after impressing coaches.

The Allstars team is made up of players who impressed during the IMS season and were nominated by their respective halls before collaborating into a team coached by Matt Prestridge, Eddy Allen and Jack Christopher.

Club President and the events founder, Peter Simmons said: “We started the Allstars programme five years ago and its gone from strength to strength every year.

“The players that it has produced have proved that the system is working and shows the talent that is in the IMS game.”

“I know it has been really tough for the managers’ to choose three players from each to represent their side when there is so much superb talent to choose from.

“The lads all deserve their shirt and I am delighted there is a balance of finalists and freshers. It’s a fantastic reward for their efforts during their time with us.”

The match kicks off on May 18 at 2pm and both teams will be wearing shirts sponsored by Imago. It has also been said that the teams are to receive a special 90th year anniversary shirt to mark 90 seasons of Loughborough Football.

The club side are to wear a gold shirt with black sleeves, whilst the IMS side are to play in light blue and white vertical stripes kit which has been based on an old William Morris hall style. Both teams were handed their shirts at a Shirt Presentation evening held last Wednesday.

In a preparation match before the match the IMS Allstars defeated Ashby Rovers 1-0.

Loughborough Squad: Sam Moore (2s) Ashley Fongho (3s) David Wright (3s) James Aldred (1s) captain Jamie Pugh (4s) Sam Shorrocks (1s)vice-captain Liam Dunphy (4s) Jack Beckett (U19s) Joe Green (3s) Ben Parry (2s) Tom Hue (4s) Tino Tarawali (U19s)
Luke Griffiths (U19s) Dan Delderfield (1s) Alex Robinson (2s) *Wildcard TBC

IMS Allstars Squad:Danny Lowton (Butler Ct), Jamie Shield (Harry French), Matt O’Brien (Bill Mo), Ben Gerner (Elvyn), Patrick Yates (Cayley), Shaun Mulvenna (Butler Ct), Callum Leslie-Draper (Towers), Tom Lyskov (Harry French), David Bray (Royce), James Freshney (David Collett), Alex Birch (Rutherford), Liam Smyth (Elvyn), James Gardner (Butler Ct), Mark O’Connell (Cayley), Gabriel Ali (Cayley), Josh Brooks (Harry French)


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