From a very young age we get taught the same rules, which are drilled into our heads throughout childhood: ‘Don’t talk to strangers’, ‘Don’t walk alone at night’ and so on.

However, it appears that for some reason some of us are forgetting these simple but important offerings of advice and have been developing bad habits.  

Even with the recent incidents that have been occurring around Loughborough town and campus, we still fail to stick to some of the basic rules.

A common excuse being, ’I don’t have enough money to get a taxi’, ‘I’m not far from home!’ followed by the most naive comment ‘It won’t happen to me!’.  

So why do we often put ourselves in such dangerous situations putting our well-being at risk?

Keeping this in mind, a group of Loughborough drama students have decided to set up the project ‘Nightwise’ in an attempt to raise awareness of personal safety at night due to the recent incidents in Loughborough.

They are working closely with University officials, taxi firms and the local police in an attempt to try and make Loughborough a safer place for everyone.

It is important to remember it isn’t just females that are at risk and vulnerable at night.

Males and females both have the right to feel and remain safe outside at night but this must come with a certain amount of caution.

The group are holding a workshop on 18 May in which they will be informing students of the support that is there for them and advising them on personal safety.

The drama students are not aiming to lecture students on how to behave but more to ensure the right decisions are made.

If you wish to find out more and show support towards Nightwise, the session takes place at the Leonard Dixon studio in Martin Hall at 3pm on the Wednesday 18 May.



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