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Returning volunteer writer, Meg Jocson Ong, shares her favourite style saviours with us – even explaining how to recreate their iconic looks.

Fashion trends are so hard to keep up with nowadays. I am sure that a lot of us have gone through the whole “I have nothing to wear” phase. To be completely honest, I’m constantly in that state every single day. In this month’s article, I will let you know who my top 3 style saviours are and how I recreate some of their looks!

1. Audrey Hepburn
I’ve fallen in love with her style from the moment I watched the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Everything from her all-black outfit with pearls, to her 1960s monochrome outfits, have stolen my fashion-loving heart. Classy and classic are the two best words to describe her style. I recreate her looks by using my basics – my little black dress, plain tees, and monochrome outfits.  I believe that spending the right amount of money on basics are ideal because they will never go out of style and you’ll always look effortless with the right number of accessories to match!

2. Aimee Song (A.K.A. Song of Style)
This Instagram icon is my style saviour because she makes the latest fashion trends seem so effortless and chic. Recreating Song of Style’s looks isn’t as easy as I thought. Due to my student budget, I can’t possibly buy every single branded item that she does. Instead, I find alternatives in shops like Primark and Next. However, Aimee Song uses a lot of Zara items – which makes my outfit hunt a lot easier. I don’t always go for the craziest fashion trends, but I do go for those that I think can last for a while. Monochrome head-to-toe outfits, statement letter necklaces and the return of the mid-length skirt are just a few examples of outfit inspirations I got from Aimee Song.

3. Jennifer Anniston (Rachel Green from Friends)
From her girl next door looks to power corporate chic, Rachel Green nailed it all! I am a sucker for the 1990s look and to be completely honest, I feel that Rachel Greene perfectly represents that! To recreate her iconic girl next door looks (like plaid skirts and a cool graphic tees), I tend to shop at vintage stores because what better way to get the 1990s look than to purchase an article of clothing from that time! For her corporate chic outfits, I find the suit sets at H&M very reasonable – and with the right accessories, you’ve got your placement outfit formula under wraps.


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