If you enjoy podcasts such as Cocktails and Takeaways, The Receipts, and Suburb Talks or are just trying out something new in the podcast world, and you have never heard of the podcast show ‘Feud For Thought’, it’s about time you get with the programme!

In their most recent episode, hosted by Bola, they discuss various funny topics such as things in modern-day society that they believe would take out a Victorian child. As well as their favourite things about being a girl – in honour of International Women’s Day.

So tune in for a whirlwind of hilarious anecdotes, relatable mishaps, and all the juicy gossip that’s too good to keep to ourselves. Whether it’s dissecting the latest dating disasters or revealing their embarrassing moments, get ready for non-stop giggles and unapologetic fun as your new favourite trio feud with their thoughts!

P.S. It’s basically an exclusive girls Facetime call and I’m sure you would not want to miss out on that!

Article Written and Edited By: Bola Johnson


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