Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Volunteer Label writer, Hannah Bradfield, lets us in on her style advice for the winter weather.

Saucin’ Your Seasonal Wardrobe

As the month of December gets well underway, we find ourselves in a transition season; spooky season has been left behind, along with the Insta-trend makeup looks and dark colours, yet it can still be a bit much for over-the-top Christmas sparkle. The back to Uni effort is dwindling and ten minutes more in bed is (understandably) favoured over putting any effort into the Monday-Friday fit. The answer? Study-season style. It’s all about the layering up, staple jackets, and sustainable student fashion; saving the environment, your student budget, and still looking good.

One essential item is the roll neck. Invest in a simple, monochrome colour to wear under any style tee in order to spice it up a bit, and to stay warm on the early-morning treks across campus. Check out ASOS, Topshop or any high street brand for a simple roll neck to layer under a retro sports top for a more casual, vintage look (check out @lborovintage on Instagram- they do regular pop ups on campus and source an array of affordable vintage pieces).

On the road to eliminating fast fashion, it’s all about vintage! Hot items to look out for at the moment are quarter zips (bring back the fleece!), corduroy, shell suit jackets and retro trackies, amongst any other golden 00’s finds.

If you’re prone to losing your phone/keys on a night out, or are a regular face on the Freshers page because you’ve lost your student ID in Echos, invest in a vintage bag! Micro bags and 90’s over-the-shoulder short-strap bags have done the full cycle and are currently right on trend. They are quirky yet subtle, and look great on a night out or spontaneous pub trip.

Another key piece this season is the reflective puffer, whether it’s a cropped sport-style jacket or a full-length number, it is currently dominating the coat trend. Anything faux fur is a close second behind the reflective-wear and the bucket hat also seems to have made a bit of a comeback, with ‘faux fur bucket hat’ currently trending on ASOS.

Collusion is a great brand to be aware of; stocked by ASOS, it updates its designs and stock on the website regularly. It’s an extremely affordable brand, and with ASOS student discounts ranging from 10-30%, whole Winter outfits can be purchased on a budget. (The hats pictured below check in at £4.50 each). Collusion was set up in the last couple of years by a small group of social media and fashion influencers who have stayed true to their word and ethos, continuing to improve and develop the brand.

‘Joggers and a nice top’ also appears to be a popular look at the moment; an affordable, easy, and if styled well, great look. Men’s and Women’s joggers vary in their sizing and fit; if you’re struggling to find something that suits you, don’t be afraid to root through both sections in the shops and online. Primark joggers are super cheap, so if you were to spend less on the bottoms, it gives you an excuse to splash out a bit more on the top half. Fiorucci have just collaborated with Adidas, creating an extensive line ranging from socks to boiler suits, albeit some pieces are a bit more on the pricey side, but the tees are an absolute steal. A Fiorucci t-shirt usually ranges from around £80-130, but with the Adidas x Fiorucci collection plus student discount, the tops are only £35. That might be your weekly food shop, but it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while!