The Clothes Show 2016: Beauty Review


Can you think of a better way to spend a dreary December Friday than in a room packed FULL of the best brands in fashion and beauty (and the odd celebrity)? No, neither can I.

Label went on tour today to The Clothes Show today, and what it offers is just that – a girly escape from Loughborough you just can’t refuse.

Here are our top 5 beauty finds:

  1. Having looked around the entire venue (or at least we hope we didn’t miss anything), what we were most keen to try out was Mega White‘s 15 minute teeth whitening system. It. Works. Although our teeth were debatably not the “ten shades whiter” we were promised, we noticed there were less stains than before (thanks green tea) and they certainly felt clean and smooth. From just £30 this treatment is certainly worth looking into. Just expect to look like an alien rugby player when you put in the magic gum shield and sit in front of a bright blue UV light… in front of everybody. Who said being Label Editor was glamorous, eh?
  2. ALL the goody bags! If there’s one thing The Clothes Show is famous for (with the exception of clothes, obviously) it’s the plethora of fantastic goody bags on offer. Our best finds were Lee Stafford‘s 3 for £10 deal on a number of their beautifully scented hair products, Model’s Own‘s 4 for £10 offer on make up, brushes, nail varnishes, you name it! And also Barry M‘s similar deal, in which you can pick a few nail varnishes etc. and get a bonus goody bag free, is a must have. With all this coming in at just £30, who could resist?
  3. Spectrum being a vegan friendly brand meant avid veggie and near-vegan Alice and I were totally sucked in by their super-soft brushes. Having purchased a set at last year’s event I really wanted another, but they didn’t quite have what I was looking for. Still, if you;’re heading to the Show this weekend make sure you bag yourself a Spectrum brush because it is a total life changer. Honest.
  4. Exfoliating hair removal pads. You may have seen these, it’s those little mitt things that you rub round and round on your leg until voila… the hair is gone! And not just gone, but gone for 3 whole weeks. I was a bit dubious about this which was a big mistake, as I now have a bald patch on my arm to prove they really do work. If we’re honest, they were a little pricey at the event, but I’ll most certainly be investing online. Like, now.
  5. The Glamour Goody Bag. For just £9 you could be the proud owner of top class hair, make up and nail brands PLUS a copy of everyone’s second favourite magazine (after Label, of course), Glamour. And the issue on offer has Joe Wicks on the front – need I say more?

This really is a great way to spend a day, so head down to the Birmingham NEC on the remaining days (3rd-6th) to catch it’s last visit to the Midlands!


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