What are the best habits to follow in order to lead a long and healthy life? If only there was one straight forward answer, we’d all be living to well over 100. However, there seems to be such conflicting views and evidence surrounding the topic of longevity. The NHS suggest at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day (although some now say it should be seven?!) and at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Reader’s Digest suggest that marriage, good friendships, pets and a glass of red wine everyday are the secrets. However, Ralph Burgess Tarrant, a 110-year-old British man lives by the motto: “do bad shit, have more fun” which really does contradict the advice given above, although it does sound like the most exciting.

The oldest woman in the world, Emma Morano who recently turned 117, has now weighed in on the debate, sharing with us the secret for living a long life. One of the greatest things Emma attributes is the single life she has been living for the past 78 years. After a very rocky and abusive marriage with her first husband in the 1930s, Emma believes she is one of the first people to ever get divorced in Italy, which she did in 1938. Apart from being free and single, Emma rarely eats any fruit or vegetables: a lack of them evidently has not done her any harm. Single ladies and vegetable haters rejoice! Apart from warding off men, fruit and vegetables, Emma also considers her breakfast of two raw eggs every day a key contributor to her longevity. Much of Emma’s advice goes against that of health professionals but it obviously works for her.

Evidently there is no conclusive data for what makes certain people live longer than others. A healthy and active lifestyle will undoubtedly contribute in most cases as it is a preventative measure for many diseases and illnesses. However I think that luck is the biggest factor, so eat what you want, drink what you want, do what you want and live life to the fullest: however long it may be.
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– By Ellie MacKenzie


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