Written by Emily Hall

Creative Date Ideas for Students this Valentines

Confused about what to do this Valentine’s Day Week? 

Worried about the cost of the special day for you and your partner? Well no need to worry anymore! I’m here to provide a few budget-friendly ideas that you can do whilst in university. From small trips out, to cozy nights in, let’s talk about how you can make this occasion extra special! 

Many leading supermarkets come up with special ‘meal deals’ around this time of year and we all know going out on Valentine’s Day is generally expensive for most let alone ourselves, so maybe pop down to one of the nearby supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s or Lidl and browse through their options for a special meal that won’t break the bank. That way you can have a snug night in watching your favourite movie together, without the extra costs that come with going out! If the price ranges of these meal deals are still out of budget, then you could make a home-made meal together! Whether cooking, or baking, a fun activity to do together can really make the day special for you –  you could even make heart-shaped pizzas or cookies to keep in the spirit of Valentine’s Day! You could also think about making a romantic playlist together that you could play whilst you’re making dinner together. Does anyone remember the TikTok trend where couples or friends would go to a supermarket, play rock-paper-scissors and whoever won decided what they were eating for their starter, main and dessert? This could be a fun activity, where you can both cook a delicious meal together, whilst bonding! 

Photo Source: ‘Couple Having a Picnic’ – by Vectorium (Canva)

If you are looking for a daytime activity – especially since night-time may not be suited to everybody, maybe a picnic down at a nearby park whilst enjoying the sunset together is the way to go! That way you get out of your accommodation and can spend some quality time with your partner. If a picnic in the park is not your kind of thing, then perhaps go for a walk around Loughborough, there are a few parks around and our campus is very picturesque, especially at dusk! You could also go into town for a coffee date as there are many coffee shops in town which all serve excellent coffees and pastries – so there is sure to be one that fits your budget!  

Photo Source: ‘Bubble Tea Cups’ – by Boon_Art (Canva)

Let’s not forget how much our Student Union has to offer! As a huge bubble tea fan myself, I suggest popping down to Pearls in the Student Union especially because they’ve just released their limited edition ‘Love Potion’ bubble tea! It looks absolutely incredible so don’t hesitate head down to the union and try it out if you’re a big fan of bubble tea, like me! If you can’t get to the Union to experience this limited edition drink, then Pearls is also available on Deliveroo and UberEATS so you can order it right to your door! There are also various bubble tea stores in town, such as 40cha, and A Nice Sip – also offering a variety of desserts alongside their drinks. There is also Humpit Hummus where you can have an affordable meal right here on campus!

Photo Source: ‘Couple Giving Gift Online through Video Call’ – by Canva PH (Canva)

Long distance relationships can be hard – especially at times like this, when you see everyone celebrating alongside their loved one. Whilst I appreciate that there are not tons of options for activities to do whilst in a long distance relationship, why not suggest having a date over facetime? That way you get to see your partner on Valentine’s Day and can have dinner over the phone or even watch a movie together. It sure isn’t as amazing as being with them but at least you can be in each other’s company on Valentine’s Day!

Edited by: Bola Johnson


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