Sports Editor, Jasmine Trapnell sat down with some of the Executive Officer candidates to help students get to know them a bit more. Below you can get to know Julian Saade, who is running for Sport Officer.

Julian Saade (Sport Officer candidate) has been actively involved in sport at Lougborough ever since his first year, from playing IMS hockey to now being a member of AU Powerlifting and Weightlifting’s committee.

When I asked who it is that inspires him, Saade responded that it would definitely be his friend who was also his boxing coach at school.

Saade’s manifesto describes in detail the following aims: help AU clubs fundraise for themselves; introduce regular charity fundraising events; push media advertising for clubs and sporting events; and expand strength sport opportunities. Click here to read Saade’s full manifesto here.

“I have plenty of fundraising, volunteering, leadership, public engagement, and event management experience which has supported my decision to run for the position of Sports Executive Officer.”

I then asked Saade what his favourite memory is from being at Loughborough, to which he replied when him and his friends made a slip and slide in Rutherford 5’s corridor.

My next question was an important one for all candidates! I asked, if you had to live in halls for one more year, which hall would you choose? Staying loyal to his previous hall, Saade chose Harry French!

The final question I asked, some believe can tell you a lot about a person, others just think it’s a fun ‘get to know you’ question: “if you could be an animal, which one would you be and why?”. Saade chose a gorilla – he couldn’t quite explain why but it just felt right.

Edited by – Jasmine Trapnell (Sport Editor)

Designed by – LSU


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