Sports Editor, Jasmine Trapnell sat down with some of the Executive Officer candidates to help students get to know them a bit more. Below you can get to know Rachel Wan, who is running for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Rachel Wan (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion candidate) describes herself as observant, silly-at-times, and passionate. Over her time at Loughborough Wan has been involved with lots of societies: Vice-Chair of Chinese Society, Eastern South-East Asia ambassador of the International Students’ Network (ISN), ISN Chair, and International Officer for LSU.

When I asked Wan what inspires her, she responded her manager from her placement year – following her answer with “it doesn’t cost anything to show kindness, and it can make someones day”.

Wan’s manifesto details 3 main aims: creation of more accessible spaces and opportunities on campus; more inclusive provisions for night-time activities; and to foster positive relationships with university representatives to enhance student voices. Click here to read Wan’s full manifesto.

“It is fundamental to have accessible and safe spaces on both campuses, as it is our ‘home away from home’.”

I then asked Wan what her favourite memory from her time at Loughborough so far is – she responded International Day at the Students Union! Wan explained that people could sign up to represent their country by either doing a performance or serving food!

My next question was an important one for all candidates! I asked, if you had to live in halls for one more year, which hall would you choose? Wan responded, Cayley as she lived there in her first year and looking back it was really fun. The final question I asked, some believe can tell you a lot about a person, others just think it’s a fun ‘get to know you’ question: “if you could be an animal, which one would you be and why?”. Wan excitedly responded a Cockapoo because why not!

Edited by – Jasmine Trapnell (Sport Editor)

Designed by – LSU


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