Sports Editor, Jasmine Trapnell, sat down Loughborough’s best women’s hockey goalkeeper: Marcia LaPlante, and shares what she learnt about LaPlante.

Marcia LaPlante is our Loughborough Women’s Hockey 1st team goalkeeper, originally from New Brunswick, Canada and is a masters student studying Social Science Research.

We started by, of course, discussing sport and more specifically, hockey. But I wanted to find out what LaPlante’s favourite sport is apart from hockey, but she stuck to her Canadian roots and exclaimed it has to be ice hockey, stating that she technically plays field hockey, so it is different!

When talking about her team, LaPlante excitedly said “I love all the different personalities, they’re a good group of people, and are fun to be around. They always work hard. Everyone’s uniqueness makes us a team better.”

Moving on to talk about Loughborough, LaPlante said her favourite thing about Loughborough is that “it is so focused on sport, and it is such a unique environment. Sport isn’t just the side piece; it is the centre of attention here. Which makes it pretty fun to be an athlete”.  Following it with her favourite memory being her “first BUCS game, which was against Durham at home. It was my first time experiencing a BUCS game which is a completely different experience.”

I asked LaPlante what her favourite spot in town is, whether that is to study, meet friends etc, she said it had to be Public and Plants which is a popular café where many students go to study or catch up with friends.

Now, the most important question for many Loughborough students… I asked LaPlante if she could only go to one Loughborough pub or club again which one would she choose? Instantly, LaPlante stated it had to be the Phantom (pub), clarifying “only if it’s a nice day and you can go to their outside area”.

Looking into the future, LaPlante wishes to work in diversity and inclusion once she graduates, hinting if she can get a job at Loughborough she would definitely stay!

LaPlante is also currently leading on the planning of some pride games for the hockey teams, aiming to spread awareness and hopefully raise some money! The men’s and women’s first team pride game will be the 26th February as both are playing at home. The Women’s game is against Birmingham, starting at 12:45 and the men’s game is against Bowdon at 2:30 both on the waterbased!

At the games, players will be wearing rainbow laces, captains arm bands and stick tape – merch will also be on sale at the game, with all proceeds will go to charity!

Edited by – Jasmine Trapnell (Sports Editor)

Designed by – Sarim Mangi (Head of Design)


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