What is the secret of creation?

Many theories on why do we make stuff such as the arts or discover what the little details is in the sciences, it’s just an itch they can’t scratch, leaving philosophers baffled. The same feeling can be said to those when they ask me “why did you make AR glasses?” or even “what are AR Glasses?”

While today I will not be speaking about the Surreal glasses this time, leaving the self promotion for another day, I plan on explaining the mission statement, and why I chose it and why even out of all possible technologies that could be developed much easier, I chose this one!

Before we can speak about the project mission, I need to elaborate on my own. I am someone who sees everything as a problem that can be solved. I find beauty in the mystery of life a dive into the unknown just to experience the decoration one gets after getting confused, this may not be a healthy way to go about things, but the only way to go from that stage is to rise and learn, it ain’t killing me so it better be making me stronger, and according to many, I am a jack of all trades. The ability for me to actually solve things and make me feel satisfied is amazing but not everyone knows this feeling, they are left scratching their own head when I explain this.

This goes onto my second motivation, I am someone who cares about the future and cares for all, I want the best possible outcome for all, a bit of a saviour complex, some may argue, but I truly care if everyone is cared for and living life not just existing. I had sunk into the deepest parts of the abyss and came back from the deep end, broken but reborn, and no one good should ever go through that, so I will do anything in my power to prevent it.

That’s enough about me, now Surreal. Surreal’s statement is to give the dreamer the necessary technology to achieve the future they were promised.

Why AR then you might be asking while scratching your head?

Recently VR has been coming up very frequently, such as the film Ready Player One or new like the Metaverse, my problem is that they are playing their cards very wrong, it will go either in 2 ways, one being a very underwhelming closed off future where it is very bleak or the other being the same fate 3D TVs experienced, a fad that came and went.

By the way the trends are going the latter will soon be true, so I went to its close relative the augmented reality, a very niche and miss understood technology. Many mistake it for mixed reality but the beauty of AR is that you add to your reality there is no middle man keeping you away from the real thing. When the fad dies off many will be disappointed, they don’t get to feel what I feel, but with AR there is a chance, making it very user friendly, will allow for many to make a community on it and being accessible and affordable anyone can join in.

It saves the dream, a dream I and many more experienced when we were kids when we first heard about it, and desperately wanted to experience, the itch we couldn’t scratch.

So why did I make AR glasses?

Its quite simple, really, I was feeling itchy.


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