Volunteer writer, Leah Langley, writes a poem conveying their emotions through colour. This lockdown can be a way to learn new skills and do something creative.


This is a poem that I was inspired to write through a creative prompt that I receive as part of a lockdown journaling project that I was part of. It prompted me to think about what colours make up who I am, and rather than writing a traditional entry about it, I decided to turn it into a fun poem instead.


All the Colours

I’m purple when I’m happy,

I’m blue when I’m sad,

I’m orange when I’m scrappy,

I’m red when I’m mad.


I’m yellow when I’m mellow,

I’m green when I’m alive,

I’m pink when I bellow,

I’m gold when I thrive.


I’m grey when I’m foggy,

I’m black when I’m lost,

I’m white when I’m stroppy,

I’m silver like frost.


I’m a beautiful mix,

Of all my colours combined,

With a couple of brush flicks,

I appear refined.



Header designed by Annabel Smith


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