Leader of Charnwood Borough Council, Jonathan Morgan, has confirmed that the Council will be ‘reviewing the borough’s medium risk tier’ this coming week.

863 new cases of Coronavirus have been reported by the Government in Charnwood over the last 7 days, with 105 of those reported on Sunday.

The news comes on the same day that the University area was announced as having the second-highest number of cases in the entirety of England.

The Charnwood case count equates to 353 cases per 100,000 people – far above the national average of 201. One person has died from COVID-19 in Charnwood in the last week.

The decision to review has come after Mike Sandys, director of public health for Leicestershire County Council, warned on Thursday that cases are very high in the 17-21s age range in the area, and that this had started to spill into the over-60s category.

Movement into the ‘high’ risk tier will mean people cannot mix between households indoors (unless in a support bubble), including in pubs and restaurants.

Charnwood remains the only area in the top 25 COVID hotspots to not have extra restrictions imposed.

Mike Sandys added that “Mirroring the national figures, we’re seeing steep rises – and this is particularly true in Charnwood.

“This could mean the district moves into tier two, but we’ll need to wait to hear from the Government.

“Whatever the restrictions are, it’s important people are sensible. By doing the right thing, we can all play our part to combat this virus. Please continue to wash your hands, keep your social distance and wear a face covering.”

Cases have shot up in the Loughborough area ever since students returned for Freshers, with cases more than doubling every seven days – despite the measures the University have put in place to limit the spread.

It is not yet known what effect this will have on the Student Union’s revamped ‘Socially Distant Social Club’, which was due to relaunch on Wednesday.

Overall, the latest figures show that 362 cases have been reported in Loughborough in the last 7 days of reporting, with 166 of those coming from the University area. This equates to a rate of 512 cases per 100,000 people.


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