Chair of Green Pea, Rhea Uppal, gives us some tips on how to have a more eco-friendly Halloween.

Halloween has been celebrated for over 50 years in the UK – for us University students, it is often an excuse to dress up and have a fun night with our friends! With this in mind, there are simple changes which you can make in order to celebrate a ‘greener’ Halloween and we have the simple tricks (or treats) on how to do this!


Many of us are guilty of planning our Halloween costumes months in advance, no matter if we want to be the most funniest or most memorable – ultimately, we want to be the best dressed and have a night to remember. However, finding a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be so hard as some of your wardrobe essentials can be used for your Halloween fits.

One Halloween outfit to consider is a black cat – raid the black staple garments in your wardrobe, with black eyeliner to stand out.

As well as this, using face paints and makeup without lead, that is cruelty free and contains no harmful toxins, is a great alternative to plastic face masks. Some examples include ‘Dab Herb Makeup’ and ‘Fat and the Moon’ which is vegan, free of palm oil and ethically sourced with thoughtful packaging.

At Green Pea, we sell biodegradable glitter, which is great to stand out from the crowd, and to take your costume that extra step – be sure to purchase yours for only £2 a pot!


Supporting local businesses is great, and you can do that when purchasing your pumpkins; this helps to save emissions as well as boosting the economy. Alternatively, you can grow your own pumpkins!

After using the pumpkin, instead of carving your pumpkin and throwing it away, use its insides to make pies/muffins/bread – there are simple and affordable recipes which can be found on the Internet.


At your (socially distanced and six person household) Halloween party, don’t forget to bring your reusable cup with you instead of wasting several plastic cups! This is easier for you to manage and keep and prevents wastage too (plus it is less cleaning for the host the next day). This goes for straws too, rather than using a plastic straw, replace it with your very own Reusable Straw which can be purchased at Green Pea for only £2!

These are some simple, yet effective changes which you can make in order to celebrate Halloween whilst being sustainable!

We hope you enjoy celebrating Halloween – be safe – Love the Green Pea Family!

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