Moving away from home and starting university is an incredibly daunting time. However, it is even more daunting in the unprecedented time we are living in. 

University is incredibly nerve-wracking however, on campus there are numerous support services available for your mental health and wellbeing. At Loughborough University, we have a Mental Health service on campus meaning it is accessible to all. Loughborough University conducts a training scheme in which members of the academic and professional service staff become qualified and recognised Mental Health First Aiders. This means that whenever and wherever you are on campus, there will be somebody there to turn to if you need support with your mental health – just be sure to look for any green lanyards.

Additionally, each Academic school at the University has a Wellbeing Adviser who can aid students with a range of wellbeing and welfare related issues. Students can make online appointments with their Wellbeing Advisor and, you can access the same day appointment service if you feel like you need a brief chat.

The Mental Health Support Team on campus are there for anybody who feels like they are suffering with a mental health condition which is subsequently having a negative impact on their studies, wellbeing and general life at university. If you are feeling this way, you can turn to a member from the Mental Health Support Team who shall conduct a short assessment. More information on this process can be found here.

There are many people to turn to on campus to seek support with your mental health.

Any information on the mental health support at Loughborough University can be found here:


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