Government publish social distancing guidelines and advice for young people – Christopher Leroux’s first thoughts

Have you been wondering during this crisis what rules apply to whom, and what the government expects young people to do during this crisis? Well you can look no further as the Government has recently published their guidance for Young People and social distancing. This can be found here.

Within this document you can see what rules apply to Young People. These include things like how to keep socially distant, and what you can do if you have divorced parents.

The advice also contains information on when and how you must wash your hands – just in case you had forgotten.

Within the document contains vital information on what you can do whilst you stay at home, including, but certainly not limited to: “spending quality time with the people you live with”, or “tidying or rearranging your room” as well as “doing any school, college or university work you might have” – thanks government, I appreciate you telling me that I have to do my coursework, I thought I could just sit here and ignore my responsibilities like usual.

You are not allowed to go to other people’s houses unless you are under 18 and visiting parents who live in separate houses, if you’re going to childcare because your parent is a key worker, if you yourself are a carer, if you are looking to move house, or my personal favourite – if you are a paid nanny or cleaner. Because being a cleaner in a rich person’s house is essential work, imagine if the fireplace isn’t scrubbed *gosh*

You may be wondering why I’m being so critical of the Government’s advice for young people, you may be saying that some of the information is useful for you to understand what you can do in your specific situation, and I get that and understand. However, I just love the fact that the government have published advice on how we can spend our time at home like they’ve had a great influx of questions from young people on what we can do with our time.

I accept that the government is trying to help and give advice for people when they don’t know what to do, but I just find it so amusing in these times that I’m being given guidance on what to do in my free time.

Featured image by Frankie Stevens


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