Volunteer, Hannah Bradfield, introduces us to her favourite new artist: BENEE.

The quarantine playlists are flowing and whether you need a track to reach the end of that Diss chapter or perhaps an afternoon groove for a power walk around the block, BENEE has got you covered. Born in 2000, only just having turned 20, Stella Rose Bennett’s music is starting to have a global presence, as she breaks away from her hometown in Auckland, New Zealand, to travel the world touring.

After attending University for 2 weeks, she decided that she was only kidding herself and decided to take the plunge and leave education for good, to instead pursue her music career. Fully supported by her parents (who were ecstatic that she managed to time dropping out so that her first year fees were void), BENEE kept doing what she did best; writing songs. It paid off as she brought two Eps to the table in 2019 after a successful SoundCloud stint, which were hugely popular (‘Fire on Marzz’ followed by the most recent, ‘Stella and Steve’).

Just months ago, BENEE established herself a global platform and more recently, it seems that overseas, the UK are finally recognising her tracks. Albeit the first time I heard somebody listening to my favourite BENEE track, was on Tik Tok, but we’ll allow it. As long as I’m able to be that person, gloating that I knew the artist when nobody else did.

BENEE’s music possesses a multidimensional touch, they’re the sort of tracks that you can have a groove to at pre drinks, but the serene vibe can also carry you through a decent dose of revision. Her quirky yet mature commentary shines through, with a substantial instrumental backdrop that confirms she was brought up understanding and playing an array of musical instruments. Her music is classified as ‘Indie pop/pop’, and platforms a reflective and nostalgic voice, yet also echoes a carefree attitude and fresh-I’m not a snowflake-energy which is always a good creative foundation for a great bop. Sort of a Sigrid x Dua Lipa sound.

At the end of 2019, BENEE won 4 awards at the New Zealand Music Awards; singer of the year, best solo artist of the year, best breakthrough artist, and best pop artist.

It is only very recently however, that people have started to question who sings the songs behind those viral tik toks! It’s BENEE, people!

Not long ago, Elton John posted a photo of himself and BENEE to his 2.7m Instagram followers, captioned ‘Supalonely is my top tip for the next global smash. Love her and her music #NewZeakandRocks’. The legend himself has spoken.

My top two tracks would have to be ‘Glitter’ and ‘Afterlife’, so go and add them to your self-isolation playlist of the week folks.

Featured image by Frankie Stevens.




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