Role profile for LSUTV Head of Sport

In charge of finding sports content to cover and working with Head of Sport on Senate to run and create Match Report content.

Duties and responsibilities:

• Responsible for sport output of LSUTV; under the Match Report brand and beyond.
• Oversee and lead a team of LSUTV sport volunteers.
• Liaise with the LSU Media Head of Sport to ensure that LSUTV Sport content is relevant to sporting events on campus.
• Play a key part in the running of the weekly magazine show in regards to sports content.


• Be a part of the award winning Match Report brand.
• Gain an understanding of sport broadcast and sport media.
• Be at the forefront of building upon the media profile of the best sporting University in the country.

Useful previous experience:

• Someone who has a good understanding of sport at Loughborough University and potentially has links to the AU.
• An interest in world sport and events.
• An understanding and interest in television.

Average time commitment:

• Around 10 hours per week.
• Additional time during busy periods such as BUCS finals, D Day etc.

Responsible to:

LSUTV Station Manager, LSU Media Head of Sport

Apply for the role here. Deadline is Monday 24st June.

For more information, please email Joshua Gray.


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